Thank FCUK

My daughter just passed her driving test no more forking out

I've got some magic beans you may want to buy...
Before she passed her test, my daughter told me that she'd regularly drive me to and from the pub once she had her licence. Three years later, I'm still waiting for that lift...

She has, however, driven me to drink several times.
SD, Pass on our congratulation to your daughter. Now you never said how old she was or posted any pictures as required, but that is not a problem I am sure she can drive up and "see" her uncle JB :twisted:
Spanish_Dave said:
FourEM said:
Oh really

So who's paying for the car ,insurance, repair/service bills then :D

Its the royal bank of Dad at a guess
Ha Ha your right, I did not think about that

...but it was nice while it lasted eh?



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