Thank fcuk for that, Last BB to be next year

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by stabradop, Aug 26, 2009.

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  1. That is the best news I've heard all year. No more social retards monging it on TV. Thank feck for that. It's just a shame that it was used as a launching pad for some of the most cretinous people to walk onto our screens. ie the ex-Jade Goodey et al.
  2. Not sure I agree....

    Format could be tightened up a little....

    Group task (Male): How many of the female housemates can you hog-tie and violate in under 30 minutes...Winner immune from eviction (and prosecution).

    Group task (Female): How many of the male housemates can you fellate in under 30 minutes...Loser get's passed (hog-tied) to the male housemates for some 5:1 group fun. Winner is immune from eviction.

    Secret task (Male): Roffie-up the winner from the Group task - Female - and length her in her sleep without disturbing the rest of the housemates...Winner immune from eviction (and prosecution).

    Group task (Male): Female housemates stripped, tied, gagged and spreadeagled to cross-frames in the garden, Male housemates handed 1 GS shovel each. Last man standing wins (no rules, anything goes), wins access to the Gimp-Pit (complete with autopsy table, power tools, various medical, latex, plastic and rubber implements) with each female housemate delivered in turn for some intimate 1:1 time with the winning male housemate.

    Ratings would go through the roof - although I might tactfully suggest such a show be aired after the 1830hrs water-shed.
  3. Theres talk of Endemol selling the rights to another bidder

    Standby for Dave's Big Brother, or Living or Challenge TV taking up the format
  4. A good outcome was this little sl*tbag knocking out some grade A frankie ....

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  5. A face and body made for the sole purpose of being degraded in the most inhumane way possible.

    I do however think her promo shot would be much enhanced if she were shown doing "The Angry Dragon", resplendant with bluging, blood-shot eyes...
  6. My idea from the very first series was to have 11 'normal' housemates and one complete and utter maniac, convicted of heinous sex and murder charges on release from Broadmoor. He should be routinely called into the diary room and presented with a machete and a tray containing the contents of a pharmacy.

    With a cheery 'You may now leave the diary room and by the way housemate X thinks you're a cunt' there'd be an audible 'clunk' as the house went into lockdown and steel shutters covered every exit point.

    Quality viewing, enhanced only by a golden retriever, a surgical speculum and some bovril.
  7. I fcuking hate BB with a passion. It's full of c0cks of the highest order and is as entertaining as watching paint peel. The sooner C4 stops broadcasting this drivel, the sooner it can get back to doing funny documentaries about people with tourettes.
  8. aye, another one fell to the charms of mr dover
    my fave is still his ninth though :D
  9. I bow Sir, to your creative genius.

    I'd sell my girlfriends remaining kidney to fund/watch that episode.
  10. This truly is a great piece of news!

    Since its inception we have been flooded with utter twots attempting to become as famous (rich) as possible whilst doing the minimal amount of work. The TV Channels then attempt to string these programs out for the normal 12 weeks with a f***ing tour afterwards!

    Now that this carp is off the telly, maybe the producers will go back and look at the likes of X Factor/Britains got Talent and Pop Idol and make something that people are genuinely interested in and don't line the pockets of muppets with phone in polls that are more rigged than an Iranian election!

    But what I want to know is if they have identified a sinking ship, why bother to make another one next year? Put the cash back into quality viewing!
  11. UK Student House, start on them, stick a loaf of bread, a bottle of cloudy lemonade by your side and draw the curtains, it will be a long weekend....

    F*cking Nichola is tops.
  12. I'm guessing but I would not be surprised Endemol executives have seriously considered these options, but if it werent for those pesky rape laws.... :roll:
  13. How about Endemol explore the possibility of getting the BB complex accredited as an Embassy of some sort?

    I'm sure Mugabe et al would be keen to earn a few more outrage points from the British public... Endemol would clean up.
  14. I fecking hate BB with a passion. I do wonder what kind of mentally and morally devoid social abnormalities they will rope in for the final season. Perhaps 11 women and Lord Mandelson, who we all know it the most evil man in Britain. Who made him a lord? The sith?

    I'd watch this though, that is prime time TV.

    "David is in the bathroom commiting heinous sex acts on Celia's bloody corpse. Michael and Ron are in the kitched, talking about w*nk"