Thank F**k for Fashion!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Longinthegums, Sep 26, 2010.

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  1. If the girlies were not so obsessed with the length of their frocks and hairdos, the shade and height of their shoes and the pastel shade of the "car" that they "drive" they would be a bloody sight more interfering in the real world than they actually are.

    That's my theory and I have now utilised my KIP and have charged magazines with 4 of ball to one of tracer.
  2. Your burd/sister/cousin won't put out, has stolen - not only - yer wig and frock but yer car keys as well?

    Were you asleep, in a drunken Sunday afternoon, post prandial way? With your cheek stuck to your collar in a drooling saliva kind of way? And have just awoken?

    Go outside and throw gravel from your drive/garden feature at yourself in penance repeating "That'll teach me - again".

    Do you have her hair straighteners to use as collateral?
  3. We have to be obsessed with something and quite frankly clearly your not worth being obsessed over

  4. Fashion does require some form of mental exercise, however slight or purposeless. Women's magazines are just a cheap substitute for a lobotomy.