Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by presstotalk, Nov 16, 2009.

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  1. reading some of the flid posts on here got me wondering if there were things that thalidomide victims can't do. So far I've got:
    Play the trombone,
    Shot Putt
    Snooker could be difficult
    Play the double bass
    Do bookies "Tic-Tac" signs

    Any other suggestions?

    Yes, my life is THAT empty.....
  2. My sisters a thalidomide victim, come and say that to her face.
  3. Ace, two mongs for the price of one.

    Do you have a spelling checker, or are your head dobbers broken?
  4. Think of the positives. You'll never have to lick a stamp again.
  5. He'd probably have to kneel down to do that!
  6. You lot wouldn't think it so funny if you had to wipe her bum every day.
  7. I didn't laugh at that. Much.

    You need to check your voicemail for a husky slug wetting herself laughing.
  8. That's what Bidets are for!
  9. I have no problems with the public humiliation and degradation of the disabled and unfortunate, but this smacks of trying a bit too hard. Come back when you've got a bit of material and/or some good photos to share.
  10. Just got it :)
  11. We can't afford to keep repairing the Bidet, it gets used so much. We could do with an industrial strength one. it's not funny.
  12. Try a stripped down twin tub washing machine!
    PS. I'm not laughing!!
  13. On a (semi) serious note, the Thalidomide thing struck kids born 1966-1967 I think, as in my class at primary school there were 3 kids with various degrees of physical deformity. Don't start. One girl had feet shaped like triangles. Two lads had deformed fingers - one just had a single finger in the middle of the hand (ideal in later life for driving - flicking the bird was never so easy), and the other had malteser shaped round jobbies.

    They were great kids and I never remember any bullying, just curiosity. The funniest thing though was that there was a special school next door for mentally handicapped kids. Of course, we had to pass this on the way to school trips in our way to swim etc, and kids being kids, we mercillessly ripped the piss. The worst offenders? You got it. "Stumpy" and "Finger"... I'll never forget the irony of two thalidomide victims doing "mong" impressions to the poor unfortunates in the special school. Bless them. They would have made great squaddies...
  14. Imagine if it was still common place? How the f*ck would the Chavs manage?

    "Yeah, to the haaaannn........oh f*ck, er, talk to the face then"