Thales to Supply Target Locator for British Troops in Afghan


Posted 02/15/08 06:12Print this story Thales to Supply Target Locator for British Troops in Afghanistan


LONDON — British troops in Afghanistan and elsewhere are set to get a new target locator system following a government announcement Feb. 15 that it had awarded a contract to Thales UK to supply the equipment starting in 2009.
Thales Land & Joint Systems will deliver over 700 Joint-Target Acquisition Systems (J-TAS) to the British military in a deal valued at over 26 million pounds, Defense Secretary Des Browne revealed during a visit to the Glasgow, Scotland, factory that will build the units.
The company’s solution was selected last year to meet the Ministry of Defence’s Surveillance System and Range Finding requirement. Thales beat out competition from Carl Zeiss, FLIR Systems and a Selex UK-Sagem team to secure the contract.
The new system replaces equipment currently being used in Afghanistan and Iraq which is bulkier, heavier, mounted on a tripod and has no Global Positioning System, the MoD said in a statement.
J-TAS is the size of a large pair of binoculars, weighs 3.6 kilograms and has a range of over 5 kilometers in daylight. It combines daylight and thermal vision with a laser range finder, embedded military GPS and azimuth angular referencing.
Thales said equipment can be used as an integrated target locator for general surveillance, as well as accurate target location for mortar and artillery fire control.

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