Thais buy Mi-17s at 5 million quid a pop

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by codbutt, Nov 4, 2008.

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  1. Thailand has decided to order six Mi-17s for its army according to Flight International. They chose it over the Blackhawk, and not surprisingly - it carries 30 men, not 13, and comes in at about 9 million bucks a pop, instead of 30 million.
    Now, THAT'S Smart procurement. Can Britain (annual defence spending about 50 billion dollars) really not afford to buy 50 or 60 of these, so the blokes can get round in Afghanistan?
  2. Maybe one of our crab or teeny weeny airways posters can confirm, but I understand that

    1) They would not meet UK air worthiness criteria and

    2) The MOD would not like to be beholden to Russia for training, spares, updates etc.
  3. Would we really need 50-60? We could just get them to make us look good, or flying 60 of them over helmand would shite up the tali wouldn't it, but i surpose that they would wip out their maybe not, all in all, the MoD are :safe:
  4. The RAF have gut two at Boscombe down, under trials bought them from Bulgariia through lithuanian companyse serial Nos zb 697 698 deliverd in august by c17.
  5. And 3) they are slow as f uck and take forever to get height.
  6. Thai's have had a bad deal then! refurbished Mi-18(Mi-17's) currently come in at around $2.75 Mill/Each!
  7. What's the purpose of the trials out of interest? :?
  8. In reply to Toastie's reply:

    Yes, maybe they wouldn't be compatible with UK airworthiness requirements, but why not? These things are used all over the world, in a much wider range of conditions than those found in UK. The instruments and avionics etc could be fitted to comply. Plenty of NATO countries fly them.

    And it would be hard for the Russians to suddenly stop us flying these things - there are Mi-17 spares EVERYWHERE. At this price, you could buy an extra ten and just use them for bits!

    India, sensibly, ordered 80 of the beasts two years ago for about $8 mil a pop.
  9. No expert codbutt. As I said, we need someone who knows about these things to explain in greater detail.
  10. Ahhh but I bet it dont got no Sunroof fitted as standard.
  11. Air force monthly october, "Sources have told AFM tha joint helicopter command and uk special forces will operate a small fleet of hips to bolster the rotary wing fleet in operations" praps they wiil replace the old argi agustas in 8 flight
  12. I think the main problem is that no UK politician, senior civil servant, or soon-to-be-retired Senior Rupert will be able to stick their snouts firmly in the trough. If its value for the taxpayer, it's bad news for those seeking to profit from our tax dollars.

    Cynical, Moi? And so young.... :roll:
  13. AFAIK those have already been replaced with I think a Eurocopter model, maybe the EC635.
  14. as an ex chopper jocky sioux,and gazeleI have flown in a hip it is like their tanks cheap and chearful but it works we used one when I was working for consgold in Angola
  15. I think Dave the Ape has answered the question precisely...not invented here.