Discussion in 'Travel' started by Forastero, Sep 30, 2012.

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  1. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Anyone been? Me and the frau are toying with the idea but neither of us have been there before so we're not really sure where/what we should be looking at.

    Must haves for her are sun (obviously), a sandy beach, somewhere to go for a walk. For me, no 'strips', no fuckwits Brits on the lash, reasonable scoff, and for both of us - peace and quiet. Funds not too much of an issue in the sense that we don't mind paying a little bit extra for something nice but we're not in the top end bracket for sure.

    Any ideas? Ta muchly.
  2. Why certainly but it depends on when you go as to where is best.
    Have a peruse of these links. Koh Samui is nice as you can hire a car and not get list it's a circular road.
    Secluded private beach it's reassuringly expensive.
    Exclusive and really something special.
    Rayong is cheaper and it's very quiet, not many tourists.
    Spend a few days in Bangkok sightseeing and shopping though.
    I always use Trailfinders but Rayong, book direct with the hotel.
    River Kwai, stay at the Resotel it's in the jungle but staff will arrange transport.
    Amati watergate is cheap in BKK and close to very large shopping centres.
    Emirates do good deals on business class and they'll pick you up from home. The A380 is great and so is the food, drinks and bar on the plane.
  3. Oh and avoid Pattaya and Phuket.
    Bangkok airways will do good and cheap flights to Samui again look at Trailfinders.
  4. They'd not get any fuckwits at the hotels I've suggested.
  5. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Cheers chaps. We're very much independent travellers rather than resort types although the ones in jarrod's links look spectacular, bit out of our pocket range though. I suppose what would be ideal is finding a small place to stay and doing our own thing, like a beachfront hut or something of that kind. I'm guessing you'd have to pay big bucks for that sort of thing? Anything from £50-100 a night would suit us if that helps..
  6. Any use?
  7. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    No chance! I'm sure they're lovely and all that but **** me, that takes some cojones to eat those things.
  8. Loads of food you'd like and inexpensive. You can of course get all western food if you get a bit homesick.
  9. Try PM'ing eodMatt - from what I've read on here, he spends a fair bit of time there.
  10. Think he's in Vietnam now which is where I'll be off this winter. Forastero have you looked at Vietnam as it does look very good.
  11. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Which part of "Me and the frau are toying with the idea" are you having a problem with? Tosser.

    Me and jarrod kinda differ on Thailand. He likes seclusion and luxury. I tend to go with the Missus and like cheap 'n cheerful whilst avoiding Brit and Kraut lager louts and people who visit that magic country looking for a soapy massage.

    Ko Samui is nice but was being invaded by Septics in the shape of Hilton / Marriott etc last time we were there. The Imperial is a hoot, but it is Sofitel so it aint cheap.

    Kata and Karon beaches down Phuket are good and there's loads of night market shopping to keep the Missus happy. Car hire is cheap at $35 a day or you can hire a moped for $10 a day or less. Jarrod likes the north of Phuket up past the airport but I find it creepy. And if you like swimming in the sea it is shite. Big undertow, you know?
    As mentioned earlier bit of a drive to River Kwai bridge and you access the hotel by long tail boat. There is a festival with lasers and fireworks on the bridge I think in November. It's worth seeing but I'd only spend a few days here as I prefer the beach and its isolated.
  13. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Ah, right. A man after my own heart. Right. Heres the deal.

    Book you and the Doris into a decent 4 star hotel for 4 nights. It's 24 a hours door-to-door flight so you'll be fucked. Relax, have a shower, have a meal and get used to the place a bit.

    Go to a bar. You will meet ex-pats (all of whom are ex-SF, salvage divers, MI6 suits on the run, bank robbers on the run etc) and chat.

    DO NOT go for the first gaff on offer. You want new-build, en-suite, a fridge, air con, a balcony and a pig in the garden. You do not actually want a pig in the garden but tell the bastards you do. It will freak them a bit and give you an advantage.

    You do not want a sea view. That is for daft tourists. You want somewhere a couple of miles back from the beach, in the hills.

    If you want a beachfront hut with minimal amenities there are some just south of where Jarrod stays, between his Bling resort and Phuket airport. You need to be hippy intolerant and not mind getting bitten by insects. and shitting in a stinking hole. And cold showers. Did I mention the gap year tosser faux hippies?
  14. Oh and never fly BA, use Emirates, Qatar or EVA in that order. EVA do a good premium economy service.