Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by D-Finchy, May 16, 2012.

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  1. I am probably being bone but couldnt find a "travel" section so will post it in here!
    After 4 years training in the UK I have found my bollocks and I am due out to Pattaya next month to attend my first camp at a Muay Thai school.
    I just need to ask a few questions and being a user of the site but not registered I know a few of you work or live out that way.
    Right well flights are booked, school is booked and in that respect I am good to go, my questions are (and again, apologies in advance if I am being completely bone)

    1. Insurance, before I start ripping apart the internet I can only assume getting insured for a sport like Muay Thai and its associated injuries (which are documented as quite severe in the worst case, and of which I have unfortunately experienced :)) any idea which avenue to follow or shall I risk injury and just tip up at hospital with normal insurance with a half decent cover story? ( I would rather not )
    2. Cash, I am going to take some US dollars and a load of Thai Baht (I am there for 3 months), is it best to change my money there or over here? Any other tips regarding finances out there?
    3. Finally, any other points worth raising? I am unfortunately not out there to party but would be good to have any insider info on anything to do whilst not being thoroughly beasted!

    Reason I am asking is that aside from operational tours and overseas exercise (all current) I havent travelled alone or as a civvy, I am no mug but would rather avoid dramas by being at least half fammed up.
    Thanks in advance!

    Danny Finch
  2. It will be very, very hot and humid, good luck. Oh they do have ATM machines.
  3. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    Any other thread I'd resist... Arse To Mouth machines? What will they think of next???
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  4. Thanks mate, the school is far, far off the beaten track but yes, didnt consider cash machines :) It's all a bit last minute!
  5. I'd have paid a visit first, that training is serious stuff for people used to the climate. Lovely people though, don't carry loads of money with you. Be wary of scammers, don't leave your drinks. Make sure your immunisations are up to date. Pattaya is a huge brothel it's not pretty and it's the worst Thailand has to offer.
  6. He'll be married within 3 months if he doesn't buy the 'money number 1' book.
  7. Forget Walking street, Soi 6 is where it is at in Pattaya!! ;)
  8. The training plays to your abilities once they have assessed you, I have had a fair few fights all in my favour but yes I am respectful of the heat and its effects on me :) as I am from that balmy tropical paradise of Grimsby!
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  9. Pattaya is not "off the beaten track" it's the center line running down the bloody middle.

    Cash machines are freely available, just tell your bank you are going there first.
    Get the hotel to phone for any taxi you need.
    Avoid local bars in the middle of nowhere, on their own - obvious really.
    Avoid large groups of locals off their tits - also obvious.
    Bloody enjoy it, I've been for 1 month lost a stone and gained a 1000 gazelles on phys!

    edited to add: Where cash machines are not available, take travel cheques. if in a real pickle you can have money transfered from the UK with certain banks too.
  10. The school is advertised as remote, either way I'm brand new to it, am a lot bigger than the Thai lads, (a lot!) but am in top form and fought interclub as little as a week ago so am hoping to be beasted thoroughly by all shapes and sizes :) !

    cheers for the info
  11. In this respect size really isn't important, the humidity will be terrible and they'll not have worked up a sweat.
  12. Buy your Baht in Thailand - better exchange rate.
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  13. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer


    Its like anywhere where the value of your watch and wallet are a years wages slogging in the paddies so keep your wits about you. Thais are the most lovely people but some of them are right dangerous cunts. Avoid walking back from anywhere ratted at 04.00. If you are in shouting distance of the nice Thais they will turn out and fuck your mugger up big style. They are a proud people. If you are in the boondocks and muggers roll up, curl into a ball and hope they lose interest after they have robbed you.

    Do not ever, EVER diss the Thai Royal Family.

    Some of the girls are not... how can I put this... ah, fuck it. You are only young once.

    Theres Muay Thai fighters there from Glasgow to Sydney. Talk to them but if a well dressed handsome older man with a drop dead blonde on his arm sidles up and says "You drop in the 3rd son", you drop in the fucking third. Are we clear?
  14. most of the reputable muy thai schools are really off the beaten track,namely north east thailand, Yasothon Province produce the best male and female fighters in thailand, my stepson was middleweight kickboxing champion here in queensland, took him to a friends school near Amnat Charoen in the north east, he found out the hard way that size really does not matter in muy thai