Thailand Troubles

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by cupoftea, May 18, 2010.

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  1. There is such an uncanny lack of balance in the way the Thai troubles are being reported in the western media. So much so that I have taken the liberty of quoting this gentleman's brilliant compensation of it without his permission (I couldn't contact him). To those of you who are inclined to believe in conspiracies : the western media message itself shines light on things that they did not mean to shine light on.

    By Estéban Trujillo de Gutiérrez on Facebook

    The Reds have been propagandized and indoctrinated, and this has been effective precisely because the narrative includes true information that has been shaped to fit an agenda that resonates for them.

    One of the things that is dismaying to me is how the mainstream Western media is failing to accurately document Thaksin's role in the current violence. He did not craft the severe social and economic disparities that are coming into harsh relief as the result of these protests, but he lit the match that ignited them into flame, and he has certainly exploited both the Red Shirt mobs and the imagery of Bangkok in flames.

    Specifically, Thaksin funded members of his former patronage networks in Thailand in a continuing conspiracy to overthrow the government after the coup that overthrew him in 2006. Unlike previous Thai premiers whose time had passed, Thaksin refused to retire gracefully with his billions to play the role of elder statesman. Instead, he waged increasingly effective political warfare.

    This year's protests are simply the latest iterations of earlier attempts that got better as the Red masses were radicalized, and as the various organizations affiliated with the Reds refined their roles.

    One of the major developments was the willingness of former members of Thaksin's patronage networks in the Armed Forces and the Royal Thai Police to take up arms against the state. To commit treason, in short. Recruiting Seh Daeng was a hallmark moment, and his training of paramilitary Rangers who had been disbanded, and organizing them into his "Ronin" who are embedded among the Red mobs, differentiated this year's protests from earlier efforts. This year, the protests would have an insurrectional component, and it is this aspect of the current street battles in Bangkok that is giving the government so much difficulty. Worse, the mainstream press is failing to explain this aspect of the struggle.

    I am not sure if journalists are too quick to dismiss Abhisit administration claims as propaganda, or if they simply do not believe the Thai government. It is not like there is no evidence of the existence of the Ronin, or as they are also called, the "men in black." They have been videotaped, and they have been photographed in action, fighting against government forces. The Ronin are attempting to provoke overwhelming government repression, and so far, to the great credit of Thai security agencies, they have failed.

    To describe the current struggle in Thailand in class terms is facile. It is accurate, to an extent, but it is also incomplete. What Thaksin has done is take a page from the Bolshevik playbook. I am not claiming that Thaksin is a communist. Far from it. I am saying that Thaksin recruited, nurtured and unleashed a leadership that is using vanguard party tactics to direct historically ignored rural masses currently engaged in urban street battles.

    As a result of their propaganda efforts over the past three years, the Reds are admirably committed to their cause. They protect their leaders, and they conceal their Ronin. To Western journalists, Red leaders systematically and routinely deny their existence. Except for Seh Daeng. He was so proud of his creation, and so confident of their ultimate success, and so besotted with his own mythology, that he could not help himself. He boasted about his Ronin, even when he engaged in thin denials that they were really "his."

    The Reds claim that they are struggling for "democracy" and for "justice." They certainly believe it. What they do not understand is that a Red triumph will restore old apex predators from the Thaksin era. Thaksin loyalists will take over the majority in Parliament. They will populate the majority of the Cabinet. "Loyal" officers will be placed back in commands throughout the armed forces, the police, and other security agencies, as well as the leadership positions in the government bureaucracy.

    And they will be opposed, yet again, by Yellow Shirts fed up with corruption. And Thailand will be plunged yet again into chaos.

    Scratch the surface and the pot is just as black as the kettle. Putting the King and the current administration to one side for a moment, the old guard became irritated when Thaksin and his new guard took the syphoning of the cream to a whole new level, courting payments from China and doing deals with Dan Quayle and the Cerberus fund like has never been done before, without even bothering to cut the old boys in! This really pissed them off, rice barons and army strongmen alike. He also had the good sense to say ten hail-democracies, which always goes down well with the western media.

    What's more he started throwing (tax) money around with populist schemes that don't really work in the long run ie. giving out 1 million Baht out to each village (to the village headman) to spend as they pleased. They had never seen anything like this before, and now they think he is Robin Hood, not realising that it was they that have been robbed. Thaksin's PR machine was slick by Thai establishment standards.
  2. I'm with you on that Jarrod! I hope it gets that way because the Pound goes up rather than because the Baht goes down the toilet though. The country is experiencing a political awakening on an unprecedented scale, I hope it manages to at least stay on its knees without plunging into war or crisis, despite what some powerful forces want.

    The bulk of the South East Asian rice basket lies within Thailand's borders. It has been identified by the UN as one of the 5 most food-productive areas in the world and the race is on between the current big and mighty to secure them, along with water.
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  4. It is essentially about rent boys wanting more money, yes.

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  5. Its going to take more then a civil war to put me off my monging activities, 2 to 3 months in Los here I come.

    :D :D :D :D :D
  6. I read you Jarrod, I was just hoping that the place doesn't deconstruct too much.

    Less tourists would definitely be a good thing . . . lots of Thais are beginning to get a bit fed up with the thicks, who could do with less encouragement by numbers.
  7. I got sucked off by a man in Lop Buri the other year. it was nice.
  8. News just in on the ABC suggests the Thai Army might be about to move in and finally end the protests (it's kicking off, Pru).

    I'm booked to visit at the end of next month, it would have to get a lot worse before I'd cancel. I emailed my hotel to ask what it was like locally and after assuring me it was fine, called the demonstrators 'insurgents'. Good choice of words and probably describes how the good citizens of Bangkok feel about the red shirts.

    Counting the days.
  10. los
    Land of Smiles. How Tourist Authority of Thailand want you to know the country.

    Thailand has had some right Barsteawards run the country since WW II. One PM used to line up convicted Killers and publicly shoot them, on stage in front of one and all.
    Almost all former PM's have robbed the country blind.
    The current problems are as a result of the Army/Military overthrowing the Legally Elected Government of Taksin Shinwatra.
    Taksin was/is perhaps the greatest entrepreneur of his day. Made a fortune from first securing the contract to 'Computerise' the Thai Police and then the Civil Service and then from the Mobile phone market.
    He then formed the Thai Rak Thai party, Thai loves Thai. The party secured the electons in 2001, if I remember right.
    All Thai elections are won by, if we are being polite, making the largest payments to the correct place.
    Taksin reputedly went from the richest man down to about 3 or 4 place post election.
    He set about restoring his position. Laws where changed to suit the Telecoms industry, the biggest piece of undeveloped land in Bangkok, BKK, was auctioned off. His wife won the auction. Nothing no other PM would/might have done.
    Something out of the odinary now happened, Everyone, all Thai citizens suddenly where given a B30 Medical card. For 30 Baht all could visit a local hospital and see a doctor, for many first time in their life. Most country folk associated Hospitals with a place where folk went to die and leave the Family with Massive crippling debts, now a place of healing, Biggest Vote winner ever. Bankrupted most state hospitals but so what.
    He had a crackdown on Drugs, the Police went wild, 3.5K is the press quoted number of Drug Dealers shot dead on the streets. Some where undoubtedly low level Drug Dealers, some where not. No high level Dealers where troubled, for that would have emptied seats in parliament.
    Khun T, Khun is polite Thai for Mr/Mrs/Ms just a polite correct form of address, then did something strange. At the PMs end of year address to the Nation and Head of State he dedicated the deaths to the Head of State a devout Buddhist. Lost a friend there.
    Then there was an insurrection by Muslims down south. Put down with maximum brutality and a now a running sore. Very bad and much due to the fact that Normally Senior Army/Police officers in that area are long service troops from that district who understand the Local Population. KhunT had overridden the army choice and appointed a favorite.
    In Thailand all the Armed Forces and Police regular officers attend the same Collage. The King 5 Military Academy, Thailand's most respected King. Suddenly the Class that KhunT had attended, he is a Reserve Police Colonel, started to rocket throw the military/police promotion ranks. The odd one or two has always been normal to suit PMs of the day.
    A new Airport was built for BKK. Massive project, Big contracts and many, 1,000 ? company's saw a pay day, a big pay off doing Government contracts.
    Er no sorry wrong, lets just say only 100 companies Proffed, and all where very good friends, family of KhunT.
    Some very wealthy folk in BKK where severely pizzed and you don't mess with these folk.
    So the army had a coup, no one died and Thailand back to normalcy.
    After increasing Military Budget by 1/3rd and doing nothing else, elections where held and KhunT's party won.
    The new PM, lets just use the name the Thai's called him Piggy was quite a comedian, nice sort of chap, who had first come to national notice back in 76 when as a Young man he had manned a waist gun on Huey putting down the Communist Students revolt of the end of The US's lost war.
    Mind you he denied it, even when the Thai press published their front pages of that day complete with Photos.
    You can die of almost anything in Thailand but boredom, laugh a minute Honest.
    Now he used to have a Sunday morning Cooking program very popular, but when he started politicizing his show the opposition brought up the subject of He was paid to do the show. Illegal under Thai law for ministers to have outside Paying job, so 12 month court case and Bye Bye.
    The present PM then formed a coalition and no one gave him six months.
    14 months on the Red Shirts come along and start their most serious Protest.
    It took some time for long term residents to identify the on the street leaders as Students from 76. Government was also very slow identifying large sums of money coming into country and going to the accounts of associates of KhunT, then going out of accounts quickly. Very expensive business running an insurrection and very dangerous.
    As a young lad I was deployed to NI back August 69, one day our Boss very old Gunner just happened to say in open company
    'If this moves out of the cities (Belfast & Londonderry) we'll be here for years.
    20 years later had my discharge from HM Forces in N.I.
    I will go with my old commander and say we are now looking at X years insurrection in Thailand.

  11. Show's over. For now.

    Thaksin's proven remarkably durable so far, I doubt he'll see this as more than a setback unless the Thai government go after his income stream as well.
  12. LOS =Land Of Smiles =Thailand 8)
  13. You forget to mention Mr T,s money being spread around among the poorer areas of the northeast to enable villagers to travel down to Bkk as red shirt supporters!!they were paid to stay in bkk and protest, without Mr T. pulling the strings and financing this vendetta against a govt who procecuted him and confiscated some of his fraudulent money, my frst wife was thaiI have a 45 yearold connection with the north east and its politicswe still try and spend a minimum of 3 months a year there,Before I forget at 1500 hours today the Red shirts called off the protest!! :)