Thailand PM is sacked because he has other employment


If the PM of a nation can be sacked for having a second job/occupation then surely this is away of getting rid of the wasteful charactors called MPs in the UK. Our representatives seem to be always moaning about their comparative salary being lower than it should be, then they take up gainful employment elsewhere and 'appear not' in the HOP.
Off with their heads !
Thailand has quite a track record of the military overthrowing the civil governments each time they step out of line.

Apropos of nothing, of course.


From The Bangkok Post Monday
Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej told the Constitution Court on Monday that he cooked for TV because he enjoyed it, not as a job for money - and the court announced it will rule on Tuesday whether he violated the law and has to resign.
People Power party MPs have promised to rally behind Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej and vote him back in as leader of the government if the Constitution Court disqualifies him for hosting cooking shows on commercial TV.
The Constitution Court ruled in a unanimous verdict on Tuesday that the two TV cooking shows of Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej violated the charter ban on outside employment and ordered him to leave office immediately.

The 9-0 vote of the judges removes Mr Samak from office effective immediately, but leaves the way open for his return if he can persuade parliament to return him to the office. For now:
Gents it's just Thai politicians playing Silly Buggers.
Here there are no White hats and Black hats, at the best it's Dirty Grey and Jet Black.
Once the Gov Budget is established things will sort out.
And the Military will not have a Coup until HM says so, or the Gov is foolish enough to start shooting folks, en mass in the streets.

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