Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam

Discussion in 'Travel' started by charlieone, Aug 12, 2011.

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  1. Afternoon all!

    I’ve read through previous posts regarding the above countries, some really good stuff!

    I’m planning to do the above with the option of mooching down to Malaysia and Indonesia/Bali afterwards, I’m looking at spending Jan 2nd to April 1st. Has anyone done a similar trip? (rhetorical, i think) If I could get any tips or where to go and stuff to do, I’m getting a nice list together so far.

    What I’m really after is random once in a lifetime experiences, like blowing up cows with a rocket launcher and the like.



    Ps i don’t condone animal cruelty it was just an example
  2. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I spent close to a year in that neck of the woods courtesy of Her Maj.

    Get yourself to Singapore and visit the Four Floors of Whores (Orchard Towers).
    Get a tailor made suit and electrical goods for peanuts in Orchard Road.
    Get a tattoo from Jonny two thumbs, widely regarded as one of the greatest tattooists in the world.
    Penang in Malaysia was a banging run ashore before it was flattened by the Tsunami, not sure what it's like now, I recommend hiring a moped and riding it off a pier into the sea.
    Bangkok is a must for all the obvious reasons, drive a tuk tuk (just offer the driver a few extra dollars), go and watch a proper Muay Thai fight, buy a tazer at Pat Pong market and pay a local to let you taze him.
    Do the Bridge over the River Kwai and death railway, it's very moving.
    Ku Chi (spelling?) tunnels in Nam are a must, you get to fire an AK while wearing 1980s DJ headphones for ear protection. Also drink some of the whiskey with a dead snake in the bottle, it's actually quite pleasant, don't eat the snake afterwards though, that's not pleasant and makes you feel rough for days.
    If you end up in Brunei check out the Sultan's theme park, it's like Alton Towers but free and completely empty. All the locals have long since got bored of having a free theme park so no one goes which means no queues.
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  3. I've just been down that way and the Pacific a few months ago, that was an 'accompanied' trip though, the snotty **** turned her nose up at everything and even said 'typical' when I made her take pictures of me heroically rattling a barely held together AKM down a thrown together range, if your on your tod just get out the door early on with plenty of dosh and get amongst it, you'll never be bored and I you will meet someone new everyday.
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  4. Pm EODmatt, he'll be able to give you a few tips i'm sure.
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  5. Been to all of them. What are you interested in - History, Sports, Culture? How old are you? If you're 19 I can't help you that much because I'm a middle age fart so banging nightclubs I know not a jot about. I also don't know jack about backpacking flea pits. I won't even send my luggage to a 3 star.

    Laos - Go to Luang Prabang - Not Vientianne. Use it to visit the plain of jars.
    Cambodia - Angkor Watt is fantastic, Phnom Penn is not, Phnom Penn is a two day city, buy stuff day one, visit the Elephant Bar in the evening, next morning visit the Toul Sleng Genocide museum; and then pop smoke. Spend most of your time in Cambodia, the food and the people are the nicest.
    Vietnam - Buy your suits here (Hoi An), not in Thailand. Saigon is a couple of days city plus one day to do the Cu Chi Tunnels. Take lots of cash to buy ammo for the firing range 1/2 way through the tour. Visit Hue and Hoi An. Stay in the South, the North has Ha Long bay but the people up there are nobs. The Island of Phu Quoc is nice but if you're going to Thailand do some of the Islands there.
    Thailand. Bangkok - You have to have drinks at the Vertigo Bar of the Banyan Tree. Again a couple of days - visit the palace, buy stuff and ship it home. Then get out of Bangkok. The Floating Markets are fun, the Bridge over the River Quai is a must.

    Don't know whether you're in or not, but don't take any drugs, don't piss the police off.

    PM me if you want detail. Hotels etc.
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  6. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Then why were you asking about joining the TA RAMC?

    Cant really help you since I travel in style and I'm guessing you are doing some sort of hippy backpacking gig. Buy a beer in Vertigo Moon Bar in Bangkok. But only one. It is not a place for smelly poor people.

    f you get to Ko Samui rent a Jeep and poodle about on the hunters tracks up the mountain. Dont make jokes about the Thai Royal Family, however pissed you are.

    In Sinaoukville you want Outres beach which is full of dope smoking unwashed hippy scum and dirt cheap. Ankor Wat is worth a week at least - there's loads of temples the 3 day tourists never make it to. Phnom Pen is two days then boring unless you have a suite at the new Sofitel. I believe they allow backpackers to peer through the fence for a limited period so you could try that. But do it quietly.

    And for fucks sakes, do not buy a stupid ******* necklace / bangle or bead your hair. The Beach was a film for fucks sakes. Enjoy.
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  7. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Don't take the wife, girlfriend or any woman for that matter.

    If you meet any Germans running a dive shop with his Thai wife and bevy of daughters be careful as it's quite easy to end up being married to one of them - the daughters - and then you find yourself sitting thinking - How the hell did that happen??
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  8. Cheers Ravers! Awesome ideas there mate, just the kinda stuff I was talking bout.

    Il be taking plenty of dosh, I’m 25 and I’m a bit of a culture vulture tbh and any form of extreme sports/activities i can do (apart from bungie jumping or parachuting) floats my boat, I just wanna get out and see the world (a bit at a time due to funds) and experience as much as I can. I don’t drink much, I love a beer but don’t binge and I don’t do drugs so no chance of getting into much trouble, nightclubs aint really my thing tbh unless I’m chasing some girl, but meh I’m only human ;P

    And yeah, I’ll be backpacking but I’m far from a hippy! I'm single so I’ll try and stay away from the massage parlours but I’m not promising anything!

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  9. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Have you ever considered sex with an old rich man?
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  10. haha ... no ... cheers for the offer tho

  11. You can't go to Laos without sampling the Chang, I banged a cheeky gramme and sat on the balcony chewing the insides of my cheeks off whilst listening to Queens of the Stone Age on my iPod whilst pathetically trying to tease out a coke ****..
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  12. HCV

    Our very own Alan Wicker :)
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  13. She wasn't impressed, I was out looking for a pharmacy at 7 in the morning for some downers, I felt like my brain was boiling in my skull, 4 x Zopiclone later I was comfortably zonked and apparently tried to eat a pillow..
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  14. Checked the search and it's all over four years old. Long story short, got put off a flight last November on the way to Thailand with the Mrs. We now have £1300 to spend on BA flights and she has a big birthday next month. I am looking for up to date recommendations for a beach holiday. In Veitnam, possibly a couple of days in Saigon before or after the beach. Due to injury I am unable to walk long distances so the closer to the beach/town the better. I normally book everything together, but with the flights paid for I need to book accommodation on its own. Any recommendations gratefully received.