Thai protesters mass at airports - is this the way ahead?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Softcentre, Dec 1, 2008.

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  1. Whilst I understand that 1000's of innocent tourists are caught in the political crossfire in Thailand, the manner in which the protest is being handled seems to me as near perfect as possible. No beatings, no burning cars, no riots - just quiet and slow pressure on the Thai government to make its mind up.
    If we wish to change our corrupt and inept current leadership, produce a representative government for England with a full cleanup of the whole dirty mess that is Westminster, then maybe we should follow the Thai program and assemble at Heathrow, Manchester and Birmingham. Date and times?
  2. Luckily I got out before they took over the airports, otherwise I'd still be there. Interesting situation certainly - the monarchy are laying flowers on the graves of the anti-government protesters!
  3. why on earth would we want to oust our current democratic, competent, fair, professional, inspiring, not at all in any way corrupt government? *sarcasm*

    Still though might be a laugh if DC gets into power. bicycles all round?
  4. Democratic action is all very well when used for a suitable purpose. But, just think, I would imagine that the BNP - for example - could muster just such a crowd to bring about some of their ideas. Who is to decide when the response should be giving in and when it needs wooden poultice?
    Solution for the current airport problem is charter half a dozen East Jet planes to fly out empty except for a dozen or so of THEM on each. They would 'encourage' the demonstrators to let our people go. Does not need to be violent - occupiers choice.
  5. Why should we charter any planes (as in we the taxpayer), these people are on holiday, ie there by choice, **** 'em if you go on holiday to other countries where things are different, why the **** should you expect HMG to bail you out when it goes pear shaped?
  6. Blodders - I lived in a world where our passports had a message to foreigners that they would get aggro if they caused any problems to the person carrying that document. Words to that effect. What the person is doing in Thailand is immaterial. What is wrong is that it is being done to the detriment of our people.
  7. So, not 'When in Rome', then? :D

    Sorry, but by that logic we could have been swamped with foreign military types over the whole airport security fiasco. Sauce for the goose, and all that.
  8. Smart as carrots
    I give not a toss what other countries do about their nationals. I do not accept that we should allow our people to be buggered about by foreigners. We are running short of gun boats hence my suggesting we use EasyJet + passengers as suggested by me. My solution follows on the history of a smart piece of work by IDF in Big Idi's country at a place called Entebbe.
    In general, we have dealt in a positive way when terrorists/freedom fighters have brought their hi-jacks into our air space.
  9. Hardly a terrorist scenario though, is it? More like putting pressure on the government through constricting the biggest source of national income. I'd say that was a pretty legitimate act of political protest, regardless of whether Brits are involved or not. How much restriction would you like to see put on our right to protest in central London simply because it might stop some foreign Johnnies catching their flight home? Ban the Countryside Alliance from demonstrating outside Parliament because it might delay some tourists?

    Personally, as one who travels a fair bit I don't expect the locals to knuckle under to whatever life throws at them simply because I don't want my travel plans disrupted. If I go abroad I expect that things might not go quite as they do at home. That's all part of the 'charm' of travel, IMO.
  10. I was in HK at the time of Chinese upheaval over Mao and his Red Book. We had a Queens Messenger who was a regular guest on his trips through HK en-route China. Although very much typical old Army officer in dress, bearing and stubby white moustache he was never once subjected to the wholesale aggro then normal in China. That is how I expect our people to be treated. Yes - I am very old fashioned but surely that does not make everything I say to be rubbish. Does it?
  11. People have been killed in these protests.If not resolved,it could get much worse.

    Mind you I hope the anti-third runway campaigners at Heathrow are taking notes,and in the event of ZANU-New Liarbore pushing ahead with a third runway destroying a village north of Heathrow they do the same there.
  12. The Brit govt answer to any Brits here(Thailand) is fcuk off.However if this sh*t was happening in Saudi Arabia at this time,where tens of thousands of"British"Muslims are right now on the Hadj,you can bet your bottom dollar that every RAF C-17 and Tristar will be pulled off Afghan and Iraqi supply flights to bring them back to Britain,with the DSS being on hand so they can make claims upon their return.

    The Spanish Air Force were in evidence here today with 2 jets(a Boeing 707 and a A310) to repatriate their citizens.
  13. In what way does the current standoff in Thailand constitute 'aggro'? Interfering with a diplomat or envoys would be a totally different matter and I'd be right alongside you if that were the case. Blockading an airport in an act of peaceful protest doesn't really count as 'aggro' IMO. It's just a mild embuggerance for some tourists who didn't need to be there and don't have to go back.
  14. If the spanish feel that is a good use of their taxes, that's up to them, I dont feel it would be a good use of my taxes.

    As to your other rant, on what basis are you saying it, is it happening in Saudi? Do you have any evidence that events would pan out as you say in the event of it happenning there? It's basically an inflammatory yet meaningless rant.
  15. If other countries are getting their citizens home, then so should we.

    To suggest that, because these Brits were their of their own volition, they should just rough it seems bizarre to me, and I can only think it can be motivated by petty jealousy at the fact these people have gone somewhere supposedly 'exotic'.

    Given that, I imagine, the majority of Britons travel overseas at some stage in their life, is this a principle that should be upheld anywhere beyond Dover? Or should it only apply to places where you don't go on holiday?