Thai PM Declares Emergency In Bangkok

I was in the centre of Bangkok earlier today and saw some roads blocked off,but no mass deomstrations.

Reputedly the red shirts have invaded Parliament.

Difficult to say what will happen next.The government appear to be reluctant to use force.

The exiled former PM,Thaksin Shinawatra is believed to be funding the red shirts.
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Has he run oout of Lady Boys?
I'm in Bangkok at the moment. There was a huge protest procession yesterday (Wednesday) where I am, and it all seemed good natured but they did announce the State Of Emergency as we were on our way back from the base this afternoon.

Yesterday it was tens of thousands of Red Shirts taking up both lanes of one of the arterial dual carriageways for about three hours. It was all very chirpy and they seemed too have a lot of support on the streets. The city folk tend to view them as naive country folk and reckon it will get messy, hence the current situation.

The pavements out there are just as packed as usual since apparently it only counts for five or more people with political purpose. I'm out of here Friday but will keep an eye out for those interested in the situation.

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