Thai killers to get death penalty

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Rowums, Jan 18, 2006.

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  1. Are they looking for volunteers to tighten the piano wire?
  2. This makes me sick, had it have been his wife, girlfriend or daughter would he have said the same thing.
    Lethal injection just sounds to easy, I could think of other more unpleasent ways to execute to murdering barstewarts. Ie Rope, bricks and a baseball bat attached to a Pneumatic drill.
  3. Just desert's, wish our lot were a bit more like them, would solve more problem's than our current system cause's.

    To the bleeding heart's, PC. BG. and AI. :twisted:

  4. Her family were saying that they didn't want them to get the death penalty though. :(

    Am I the only one that finds it highly suspicious that this case is highly publicised across the Western world, the trial takes about a tenth of the time that it usually does, they confess, admit their guilt and still get the death penalty? I have my doubts that it was a true confession, sorry.

    Plus, how often does a party admit their guilt in something like this and still get the death penalty? I'm just a bit dubious...............
  5. bloody hell, i thought you were talking about the chickens that cause bird flu....
  6. I'm sure their PM had a hand in them getting the death penalty, would you want to be seen by the outside world as a country that allows people to murder tourists and not get death themselves. No, you wouldn't, infact I'm sure it's all about the tourist industry. However, they do deserve it anyway for what they've done.
  7. Birduk wrote:

    Ok the trail was pushed forward very quickly, but for good reason, the locals rely so very heavily on tourism, they will be well and truely up the creak with a dollar if this sort of thing continues. I also seem to recall that another rape was alledged to have been committed against another Brit girl a few days ago in the same area. The 2 scumbags confessed the moment they were caught.

    Another link to story
  8. I will be surprised if it isn't commuted to life imprisonment on appeal. And goodness knows what a Thai prison is like.
  9. If they had £1000 they might get let off....worked for that saddo sex pest glitter !!!
  10. Doubt it - Thaksin has got behind this personally. The only way the two fellas will escape the injection is if they receive a royal pardon and I can't see that happening. Jonwilly's best placed to comment on this mind - my stint in Bangkok was only 2.5 yrs.


  11. Erm, how about the British tourist that was pushed from a bridge in Australia last year? As I recall he was trying to rob her at the time. No death penalty there, but people still visit the country.

    I am not saying the death penalty is entirely a bad thing (I'm sure there are threads debating this already), but I am highly suspicious of their convictions......
  12. The DNA evidence was damning, there were witnesses, and there's was the only fishing boat to try and dodge a recall order. They are as guilty as a puppy next to a pile of poo. They condemned themselves to death by their own actions, it was their choice to rape and murder knowing the consequences. I think we should congratulate the Thai prime Minister on his firm handling of sex killers.
  13. It wasn't only the beating and the rape. It was the fact that they then drove out to sea with her trailing behind, semi-conscious, in the water. That isn't just an opportunistic crime - it takes a lot of nastiness to kill someone in that slow, horrific manner. I hope their own deaths are bodged and that they suffer a lot of pain. Vile animals.
  14. Don't do the crime, if you can't do the time...

    GET A ROPE!!!