Thai justice - bring it on

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Howay_the_Lads, Jan 10, 2006.

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  1. 'Bout time we stopped fekking around and dished out some Thai justice of our own.

    Punishment fits the crime

    Shame BLiar doesn't adopt the same stance as the Thai PM.
  2. Pity the locals did not get their hands on them..... swine deserve to hang for their crimes
  3. I agree, but I also wonder if anyone would be asking for the death penalty if a Thai backpacker had been kidnapped and raped in Brighton.

    OK, so i said Brighton, maybe it was a male backpacker :)
  4. I'm all for the punishment fitting the crime, but does anyone really expect the T BLiar to head in that direction? Chav scum are much more likley to be Labour supporters and you don't think that he'll want to damage their view of his 'beloved' party do you?
  5. They should drag Glitter over from Saigon, lock them all in a room and give them an open razor each. Tell them last man standing gets 15 years commuted to 5. THEN hand him over to the pitchfork gang.
  6. Sounds like the locals almost DID get their hands on them...
  7. FloopyJocky - I for one would be. Rape and murder should be punished by death, no matter what nationality the victim or the criminal.
    Scum is scum all over the world.
  8. I was surprised they where taken alive as the PM had previously said to be taken dead or alive.
    About 4 years ago he annouced a crakdown on drugs and, well the Gov says 1,300 dead low level crims, all shot when resisting arrest or just found shot. The local police are not of the 'Cluseo' breed and normally dont mess about.
    I must say that I consider Thailand a safer place than Chav ridden UK. It is, BUT and please take this as it's ment, Women here are second class citizens. Thai males have the morals of Brit squaddies. Not suprising that I get on with most.
    If a woman acts and dress like a LADY then it's unheard of her to be 'Interfered' with.
    However the ultra relaxed style of dress with skimpy tops and cheap looking skirts of the type prefered by "Backpackers", makes the young girl look like a lady of Loose morals and as a 99% rule, the only Thai women you ever see smoking in the street are hookers.
    I do not know the dress or behaviour of the unfortunate victim, but is she had broken the unwritten rules of this place, then to a couple of 'sex starved' young uneducated Thai fishermen, almost certainly pizzed, this piece of white meat would have appeared fair game.
    I apologise in advance for any unintended Insults, but please take the above as it is ment, a Honest comment on local life from a resident.
  9. That's as maybe, but it's not justice is it? All it means is if you're in the wrong place at the wrong time and you're a suspect, you don't get your day in court, just a coffin.

    If there is a proper legal process and no doubt, fine, kill them. It is after all the most economic way ofr getting rid of the scum, but at least make sure you've got the gulity party first, if not least to prevent them getting away with it. Knowing you are going to die even if you didn't do it is no deterent.
  10. Perfectley correct.
    As I said I was surprised they where taken alive.
    The Thai tourist Authority uses the slogan "The Land of Smiles" as part of it's advertising. It is a true statement for a Thai citizen will automaticaly smile rather then scowl to you. I know I live in a condo full of young female students.
    For over 20 years I have had my own saying "The Land of Contradictions"
    Thais are 90+% Bhuddist. They are a gentle tolerant race of people and acts of kindness are common, far more so then in my homeland.
    But if provoked, or insulted on the Three main sensative issues, Monarchy, Race or Religion they can turn vicious. It's a frieghtning thing to watch or be involved in.
    I have said before Thailand is a good place to live, but you have to understand the Law as written and You better understand the unwritten law, or and I am not exagerating it can prove to be fatel.
    Life is cheap in the orient and Human rights are not as established as in the ultra safe very protective Western World.
    International airtravel has made places easily available, but education of the 'Problems' of local life are not adaquately delt with in the Lonley Planet guide.
    Proper legal process, OK Just one more,
    Say three years ago a Police warrent officer was executed while on duty.
    Cutting a very long story short the Judge found the defentant not guilty as it had happened in a night club and the lighting was such that NO ONE could see and say EXACTLY what had happened.
    The officer was held down with his arms raised up his back and a single shot from a .25 mm auto had been fired into his brain.
    The Judge refused to accept the word of the two main prosecution witness.
    A Police Lt. Col and a Police Captain who had been on duty with the Sgt Major.
    Within days Thai lanuage newspapers stated the Bribe involved in the aquital of a leading politicians son.
    As I have said before on this fourum Old Hands here have a saying
  11. I have spent a bit of time (serving) around SE Asia and recognise a lot of what John says to be true. However I don't believe that any country tolerates even their 'second rate' citizens (women) being raped and murdered. If these two are indeed the correct ones (confessions came remarkably fast and easy) then they should hang.
  12. I am not a fan of cut and paste but I do not have the ULR for this artical put up on one of the Thai Nightlife boards.

    16973.48 in reply to 16973.46
    Hi-tech trail leads to swift justice for Horton’s ‘killers’
    January 11, 2006

    "When the body of Katherine Horton was found floating off Thong Krok beach on January 2, her death seemed likely to remain a mystery, until the police uncovered a hi-tech trail that eventually led to her alleged killers.

    With no witnesses to describe what happened to the 21-year-old Welsh student on the night of January 1, her cell phone - which a British couple found on Lamai beach - provided the first lead.

    The last call from the phone was made at 21.30 on January 1.

    Horton had been walking along Lamai Beach, a few hundred metres from her bungalow, talking to her mother Elizabeth.

    When police traced the call, Horton’s mother told them she had been talking to her daughter for about 10 minutes when she heard her scream. After that the line went dead, the murdered girl’s mother told police.

    Before Horton was attacked, the British couple who later found her cell phone passed her while they were out for a stroll.

    They told police they heard a scream and about 10 minutes later walked towards the direction the scream came from but found nothing except the cell phone.

    The couple left the phone with a waitress at Buddy Pub so that its owner could retrieve it.

    Later, a mobile phone operator in Britain contacted Thai police with information on the length of Horton’s last call and the direction she was moving based on the network pole the call originated from and the one from which it was cut.

    The spot where the phone signal ended would be where Horton was attacked.

    Her call lasted about 10 minutes and the signal showed she was moving westward.

    A police re-enactment based on this information led to the spot where her cell phone was found.

    Police then used Google Earth to confirm the spot - which was not far from New Hut bungalow where Katherine was staying - by comparing it with the record of the phone signal.

    On that night, there were two fishing boats moored off the beach.

    One of the two was the Chor Chortsittichai 25 whose crew had gathered to drink that night.

    One of the five crew members told police that after drinking and watching a pornographic video, two crewmembers - Bualoy Pothisith, 23, and Wichai Somkhaoyai, 24 - swam ashore to visit prostitutes.

    After returning to their rusting trawler, however, they boasted that they had just raped a foreigner and described her as “very delicious”.

    Police focused their investigation on the crew of the vessel, after finding the crews of other fishing boats were less reluctant to give hair and saliva samples for DNA testing.

    When all the evidence led to Bualoy and Wichai, police arrested them by posing as market vendors buying fish. The two suspects surrendered quietly after three shipmates told police they had bragged about the rape.

    Police said the pair confessed they saw Horton talking on the phone on the beach and hit her with the pole of a beach umbrella that was nearby.

    They then dragged her behind a pile of rocks about 40 metres away and raped her, police said. When they were finished they hit her with the same umbrella pole and then dragged her about 20 metres into the sea and left her there, police said.

    The pair then returned to their fishing boat and went out to sea the next day, police said.

    The DNA analysis of the semen recovered from Horton matched the blood samples taken from the two suspects, police said."

    I know quite elderly Frangs who have lived here for years. Tales of how confessions can be extracted in Thai Police stations are ledgendary. In this case however it seems that DNA has trapped the villens. They would not have had a pleasent interview.
  13. Whilst i wholeheartedly agree that they should pay the ultimate price, is it not slightly concerning that the PM has become involved in this because of 'serious damage to the country's reputation'.

    Political motivation is not an excuse to interfere with the justice system.
  14. Our PM? Why? Is there some PR spin in it for him? Some nice pictures?
  15. No, the Thai PM, have a look at the link in the original post.

    But it wouldnt surprise me if Bliar did stick his beak in if he caught a whiff of a positive story.