Thai death sentence for Briton

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by scalieback, Nov 1, 2004.

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    In a word........good
  2. Good what?

    Confused of London
  3. Obviously all those Government adverts about the perils of being caught with intent to traffic or supply in SE Asia aren't sinking in.

    Maybe they should film the appeal and the subsequent execution to really drive the message home?

    I doubt the Thais will actually top him, but people just won't learn.
  4. That the drug dealers have been given a sentence which is commensurate with their crime. They deal in death and imho, should be treated accordingly
  5. i see.

    no longer confused.

  6. The Thai's have zero tolerance for drugs asit has been a huge problem for them. In fact their police have been accused of summary execution of those caught with drugs. Over 1000 people accused of involvement with drug trafficing were killed "resisting" arrest in the past year or two. The British citizen that was sentenced to death may well have the sentence commuted something that wouldnt happen in Singapore.
  7. Think I've said elsewhere that I don't believe in the death penalty BUT if you go to a country which has it, and commit a crime which attracts it then surely you know the result.

    As for our government making representations, the Thais already know we oppose it, so what else is there to say?
  8. The thais used to tie people to a crucifix kinda affair, hood them, and shoot them through the heart from behind with a long burst from a fixed H&K MP5 SD 9mm. It was not as immediate a death as you might think... :? But they recently changed it to lethal injection.

    But, since everyone knows that the thais execute for supplying drugs, if you can't do the time.....etcetcetc...
  9. Why an SD? Wouldn't the rounds have hit him before he heard (yes, you can hear an SD firing), or was it to reduce the noise heard by 'the public?'
  10. The execution building is next to the prison - I assume it's so the executioner doesn't have to wear hearing protection, and so that the rest of the prison can't hear the exact moment (might get the death row guys a little rowdy). The inside of the building is still a little blood-splashed, although it now has the gurney instead of the crucifix. The sandbags are still there though, IIRC
  11. Stick him in front of a 105mm and let everybody hear the git go! :twisted:
  12. Good, maybe while his waiting for his "death sentence" he'll learn to read. Upon entering Thailand there are posters everywhere in many laungages stating the fact Deal in drugs and get caught the only sentence is death.

    We know it won't happen for all the behind the sceans HMG work

    Maybe for once they'll make an example of this one!
  13. I suppose it's a bit better than the lighting dimming as per 'The Green Mile' 8O
  14. One thing in favour of the death penalty is that it effectively cures recidivism.
  15. And it stops repeat offenders 8O Don't get many appeals either, unless you count Derek Bentley. If I was called Chris, had a revolver and someone told me to 'let em have it'.................... :roll: