Thai Boxing Show, Leeds Tomorrow !!

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by wannabe-rifleman, Nov 27, 2009.

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  1. If anybody in the Leeds area is at a loose end tomorrow pop along to East End Park WMC LS9 for an afternoon of Professional Thai Boxing promoted by Bad Company Gym, Leeds.

    Doors open at 12pm, first fight 1pm, tickets £22 on the door.

    The card has 12 fights including 3 international bouts and a strong undercard of up and coming UK talent.
  2. Are you fighting mukker?
  3. No im cornering for a change, we've got 2 young prospects fighting on the card. One lad is 3-0 and the other is making his debut. Should be a cracking show.
  4. Let me know how goes :D
    And if any of it might turn up on the t'internet :D
  5. Ok mate, will update on here probably on Sunday.
  6. Cheers I'll look forward to it :D
  7. Great day yesterday. 1 win and 1 loss, both majority decisions. Both fights we're non stop action from the 1st bell but didn't descend into brawls and we're skilled technical bouts. Proud of both lads, both young prospects with a great future in the sport ahead of them.
  8. Sounds like it was a good night mukker :D
    Chuffed your lads fought well and look like doing well in the sport :D
    Cheers for the up date :D
  9. Yeh chuffed with the lads performances. The lad making his debut, Warren, looked like more like a fighter of 5-7 fights experience and boxed a home town lad. We all thought Warren had done enough to take it but the split decision went the way of the home town lad. Brilliant performance for a young 16 year old lad making his pro debut.

    The 2nd of our fighters was Brad who was 3-0 going into this bout against a very tough and strong opponent with 10 pro fights under his belt. The bout was 'fight of the night' and non-stop action from start to finish. Both lads landed solid punch combinations, along with the main scoring techniques in muay thai which are solid body kicks and knees. Brad fought well going forward and on the back foot then in the 4th pushed forward landing a volley of punches and knees that forced the ref to give his opponent an 8 count. The 5th again was all out action but at the end of it Brad had landed slightly more solid body kicks and knees in the clinch and the 8 count nailed it for him. The judges gave a split decision to Brad.
  10. Fantastic, hope both lads do well in the sport :D
    Sounds like they both have the determination to go further :D
  11. Got another lad, Simon 20, making his pro debut, 13th December at Leeds Uni Exhibition and Conference Centre. Another young prospect with bags of potential.
  12. What rules were they fighting under? Back in my day you had to travel to France, The Netherlands and Thailand to put the elbows and knees in to the head, mind you that was 14 years ago. Good luck with the Rifles, fine regiment.
  13. They were fighting under the recently revamped C class rules:-
    5 x 2 minute rounds, no knees or elbows to the head, everything else allowed.

    There are plenty of A class rules (knees and elbows to head allowed) bouts in the UK nowadays, there were some on the show at the weekend.