Thai bomb disposal expert escapes car blast

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by stinker, Jul 2, 2011.

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  1. They get plenty of Practice.

  2. Fck my old boots - nasty.
  3. In stills......

  4. I like the little woo hoo arms up gesture least I like to think that is what it was.
  5. I suspect he was checking that A his arms were still in place and that B they still worked.

    The doors were open so the blast was not as contained had they been closed. Still his protection suit did its job very well the only damage it sustained being the huge skid mark in the trouser backside.
  6. HHH

    HHH LE

    When he gets back to base, do you think he'll have, a martini Shaken not Stirred ??
  7. Lucky fellah. Glad he was O.K.
  8. in all fairness - he tried to open the door by the doorhandle - schoolboy error.
  9. Really? Care to regale us with your expertise?

    Maybe you could suggest a render safe procedure.
  10. Lucky motherfucker! Should have watched hurt locker
  11. Hurt locker? Now that proves you know not of what you speak!
  12. I was taking the piss!
  13. In all fairness for us non bomb disposal types, it was standard S.O.P. not to open car doors. You always got the car owner to open them. That included the bonnett and the boot as well. You also stood a yard or 2 behind the guy when he was doing it. If the owner wasn't there, you didn't touch the motor. Of course you got the occasional idiot, we had one in the shape of a lieutenant who sometimes ignored the rule and occasionally tried the doors on parked up motors. He was very quickly the only soldier there when he was seen to be walking intentionally towards a suspicious car.

    Of course the situation here is different. It was a car bomb and he is a bomb disposal expert. How you people sort that out is your side of the business and of course, it's over 30 years since I last saw Felix working and that was from quite a distance away.
  14. Thats the best way. ****. That. Shit.

    Those geezers deserve every medal they get. I just prefer to collect mine myself.