Théorie du drone

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by alib, Jul 28, 2013.

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  1. From Geographical Imaginations Theory of the drone 2: Hunting

    The whole thing is worth reading but I was struck by this:
    That'll have JJH browsing eBay for AA kit.
  2. And Theory of the drone 4: Pennies from Heaven
    Worth reading in full.

    The politics of this is interesting. It's almost inevitable that drones will pepper the skies above our cities. They will eventually hunt "bad guys" including US citizens domestically as they do abroad. Arguments will be made for economy and public safety and in a moment of panic like the one after 9-11 they will trump old ideas of privacy and freedom.

    A technology that provides continuous surveillance even in great open spaces. It'll soon be equally capable of snooping at windows or beneath tree cover in a largely autonomous way. With the lingering threat of death from on high in some cases. All patterns of association and ID collated for target selection and held in The Cloud.

    This is becoming the great jealous sky God of the bronze age Bible. Invisible, ever watchful of the sinful and disobedient. Judging and finding guilt by the trail of social interactions individuals leave. Finally capable of preemptively smiting the unrighteous and their kith and kin with omnipotent force. Submit for it is proper to praise Him.

    It's a bit like the moment at the end of the Dark Ages when a bunch of armored mounted thugs turn up build a motte-and-bailey castle, herd the bewildered paysans from their scattered farms into easily surveilled and heavily taxed concentrations that would come to be called villages. And they would come to accept their new masters as chivalrous Lords as they are easily made fearful of the other out beyond their parish.
  3. Another snippet Theory of the drone 5: Vulnerabilities
    Lately there's been a not entirely unwarranted surge of paranoia on the US right about the domestic use of drone technology. However as UAVs move into private hands might we hear talk of the right to bear drones?

    The technology isn't quite there yet, the article above points to the large teams needed to run military drones but things will get steadily more autonomous and also cheaper. At some point they'll get used for locating game. Next step is mounting a firearm on them for pest control from the comfort of your LazyBoy recliner. In this sci-fi world craggy old Sarah Palin could be hunting wolves with a UAV. Before you know it'll be status item and statement of freedom to have armed semi-autonomous drones floating around your ranch/gated compound and humming over the hoodies of approaching "urban types" just as The Founders intended.

    Well the paintballers are experimenting:
    And Deer Hunting With Drones? points to some legal hurdles, darn those Feds.
  4. From Theory of the drone 8: From invisibility to vulnerability