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Discussion in 'REME' started by Battsimm, Jul 6, 2006.

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  1. ...... But, what time do YOU knock off?

    On average around here we manage to get away by 1/2 2 or 3 ish.....

    So any advance on 1/2 2?

    This is not a whingey thread its just genuine curiosity, honest!

  2. Ask me again tomorrow
  3. Seeing as I am on the continent, I may be leaving considerably earlier than yow...
  4. CO's PT at 1400

    lasts an hour and a half

    lucky to be away by 1600

    Every week, without fail.
  5. PT starts at 0800, everybody back to work for 1030, clean up, knock off about 1200 ish, sorted!, only thing is we've got to come back to the sh*thole on Monday.
  6. On Tiffy course so:

    Finish at 1640 Mon - Thursday but can leave at 1635 on a Friday, as long as we are quiet and don't tell anyone.

    Not that there is anyone to tell cos all the Crafties bolted out the gate at morning Naafi break!
  7. I cant wait till noon, then ten start on monday, all the time week in week out.
  8. Tomorrow I shall be finishing at 11pm - thought that's not every Friday!!
  9. on POETS day we finish at 1245 on the dot, except for duty crew who remain if the regt are working until 1500. winner. And I get a lift home for when I am leathered from thursday in the bar.
  10. Finish when we finish - always after 16.00 - work starts at 0800 on Mondays - Oh how i would live to go to a unit in Catterick where we finish at lunch time on Friday and start back sometime on Monday afternoon. I remember my times where CO's did PT 12.00 on Friday then knock off and by sheer coincidence the LAD bar opened for a weekend of drinking - links nicely to Where have all the drinkers gone?
  11. Just gone onto summer hours 0700-1400 Mon-Fri :D
  12. Mat Regs, How the hell do you sleep at night working them hours, lol.

    I'm in the same predicament as Wedge_not_Sapper. CO's PT 1400. 1 1/2 to 2hrs. Away any time between 1530-1630.

    Live the Dream!!!!!
  13. being at SEME (posted lucky me)
    if im on earlys (yes i said earlys) i'll knock off at 12/13:eek:o hrs
    on lates come in at 12:00 knock off at about 14:00 ish
    tell you what duty of care sucks NOT!!!!!!
  14. If we have got a bergen tab around midday,
    it makes up for working till 7 each evening just about
  15. Why not get the Tiffy students to cover your duties so you can all knock off even earlier!