Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by asar, Aug 15, 2005.

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  1. May have been asked before but excuse ignorance and lazyness but


    1. Are these people worth their pay ?

    2. Are they actually (I mean actually) doing anything worthwile

    3. Do they actually know what they are doing or supposed to be doing ?

    4. Are they not, in reality, the Ops Officers Tea Boy/Girl (as they dont make any command/important decisions)

    5. Has the Corps got it right ?

    6. Are they clever ?

    Again, appologies if this has been asked before but would like some of your opinions out there as I have met a few of these people and I have an opinion (as you can see) and would like to have a good old winge and laugh or cry with your replies. I will let you know my pure opinion after a few pages - hopefully

    Look forward to following this thread

  2. Of course they are. All traffic are worth their weight in gold.
  3. Mrs Whitebear

    You made a fake email address up, you then registered it (probablly hotmail), you then joined arrse, recieved the activiation email and then posted a reply to a thread which says nothing? Why ? A lot of time to say nothing

    Traffics are worth their weight in gold ? What are you on about Can you answer my questions ? Worth their weight in gold ? Bolloxs Real Tfc officers, maybe, but IS ?

    If this reply is the best arrse can offer i am off to C&A's

    Please delete this thread as i'd rather watch the locals shag each other

    Good bye cruel world
  4. what a cnut.
  5. Isn't that what you did but just started the thread instead of replying to it.
  6. A fake ID.

    Yes you guessed that wasn't from Mrs WB, it was from the other. Call it setting up the Mrs with an account.

    As for fake ID, I wouldn't need to use a hotmail account - I wouldn't have got where I am if I needed to do that. Maybe I can set up my own domain, web server, sql server, email server etc ..... and not in Windows.

    I think that answers your questions.
  7. thanks for the support guys, guess I'm not the one using a fake ID
  8. Hm, perhaps you shouldn't have killed it early on, don't understand why you needed to out a fake user.

    It wasn't rocket science to work out who was replying to you, but I guess you worked that one out which probably means you and I know each other.

    As I think your trying to imply they don't know what they are on about, I thought once and during a recent presentation I thought it would be a laugh to bring this Capt down. I partly failed but left with a lot of respect for them, pity I was on my last day of my ?ofS course - wishing I'd taken another path (I'm a civilian working on mil CIS projects who is also in the TA)
  9. asar, let's face it - it's really easy to start yet another thread that's guaranteed to get a bite. It's like the "How come everyone gets promoted before me" and "Tech wieners surplus - what to do" kind of threads. Straight away, people will bite and, I agree, it can be quite satisfying. But let's face - you're clearly guilty of sh1tstirring! So what trade are you then asar - is your username a double-bluff?

    In my totally unjustified opinion, I think the Traffic IS roster (like the Supvr IS and IS Engr to an extent) is still far too immature to come out with any nonsense about them not being up to the job. So what jobs have Tfc IS been given on commissioning? When the YofS gets commissioned, they are commonly slotted into jobs like Trg Offr as well as Asst Ops Offr. Would you argue that those jobs would fail if someone who wasn't an ex-YofS did them?

    I was aware of an incident a couple of years ago (now this is rumour control - I don't know if it's 100% true) when one Tfc IS Capt was given a posting order to become an MTO somewhere. Now that would never happen to a Tfc Offr or a TOT would it? The MoD has a real hard-on (pardonnez ma francais) about network enabled capability and exploiting all these new information systems. If this is an unprecented escalation of our current capability or a brand new requirement, who do they expect to do it? Surely "IS professionals" give that extra dimension where we are in a position to actually look beyond simple provision of voice and data connections and into where we can exploit it. Then there is the fact that global ICS is going absolutely haywire and diversifying into all these strange areas. Now I won't argue that the current crop are these superduper brains able to win the war singlehandedly (they wish!) but surely we need to start somewhere! If we leave all big-thinking and technical expertise to the civvies - like we have on far too many occasions - we end up with yet another system which does what it was asked to do, but now we have it, it's not actually what we really need!!!

    Anyway...back to the point...

    Now I'm no social scientist, but there are (I think) less than 10 Tfc IS out there, 1 x Maj and 7 x Capt to my knowledge. Furthermore most of these have only been Offrs about < 2 yrs. Surely with that kind of sampling data and lack of substantiating evidence, any broad-brush statements like "they're all crap" is totally unjustified.

    Now I'm quite willing to believe that they're all rubbish if you can justify it in some way. To do that, I suggest that you a) explain what you think the scope of a Tfc IS is or what you believe the Corps expects of them b) tell us some kind of example where one or more haven't been able to perform according to role or jobspec or c) something better than broad-brush trolling.

    The ones I know have varying attributes - some are awesome on the lash, some are quite insightful, others not so... Perhaps the ones you've met aren't suited to the roles they were posted into. But since almost every one of them has been the first in that job, then they have no one to take over from, therefore there is no standard by which to judge them and no guidelines or anything. That must be difficult and not that officer's fault - the identification of a role is a command issue. Maybe that means it's a bad CO? Or maybe you're one of these poisoned jealous types who feels threatened because the IS world is reasonably 'en vogue' with the top brass in the Corps.

    Anyway - please elaborate more, then I'll give you my opinion, cos I'm an opinionated tw@t. So was that response ok for you? By the way I'm a Supvr IS, as if my awesome brainpower hasn't given it away already! And I'm awesome (or awful, I can never remember) :wink:.

  10. Most of the IS community has probably identified me already, due to my tendency to go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on.......
  11. No that is an IS Supvr trait Im afraid but hey, it means we are never short of something to talk about!
  12. Can you get downgraded for chronic verbal diarrhoea? :D