Tfc (IS) Resignations

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by well_i_never, Feb 4, 2007.

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  1. Is there any truth in the rumour that three of the current serving Tfc (IS) have resigned?

    Do they know something that we dont? Is it a case of sinking ships and rats.

    Perhaps, give the single trade structure of IS Engr and Tech which will be introduced next year, they decided to jump rather than be pushed? And if so is there a future for the Supvr (IS) and those IS Engrs who hope to be one?
  2. well_i_never

    Interesting first post.

    Got something to tell us?
  3. Guru,

    Something I heard during the usual celebrations/commiserations as a result of the Staffy/WO2 board on Friday.

    Wondered if anyone else had heard and what impact it could have on the roster
  4. Considering there are only 9 x Tfc (IS) in the Corps, three is a significant proportion. Perhaps it was a natural LE pension point - if LE offrs leave too soon they only get a WO's pension. I hope they all do well on the outside (and save a job for me :wink: ). Perhaps the paucity of jobs conveys a 'nowhere to go' ethos, thus stifling ambition.

    I think a 'jump rather than be pushed' analogy is unrealistic, though. If anyone was to suggest that the Corps make these people at the top of their roster redundant then it would be insane. Have you noticed that Joint Netcen and JFCIS on both Telic and Herrick have SO3 IS requirements - these are often filled by WOs (or DE Offrs who know nothing). It shows that there is a real operational requirement - therefore a need in peacetime and a method of growing that experience. For example, who would be the top-level IS advisors when DII/F smacks us in the face and the Corps is required to provide the regional Atlas Paramilitary Wings (AKA the MSPs)? The TOT? The Atlas Consortium? I think not.

    Is there a future? Who can tell, however there are interesting times ahead, that's for sure.
  5. People come and go all the time - Im sure if it was considered a major operational problem due to the lack of capability within the Corps there would have been a round of additional commissions last year with COs encouraged to forward more candidates. Word on the street though is this is the case now so someone it seems is twitching slightly about it. Will need to wait 2 years yet before my first shout - by then lets hope we are not oversubscribed.
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  10. More likely in 2yrs from now, howling laughter will be heard from the direction of Glasgow...
  11. You still have to come above the quality line, so logically, it makes no difference what year you apply. All it will mean is that you wouldn't be selected as a reserve because the requirement is immediate.
  12. Bottom line is if the odds go up that has to be a good thing for everyone concerned !!. Am I right in stating that the Corps has to bid/compete with all the other Arms to the Army Board for additional slots each year ?
  13. PD, I suggest it could be the latter, aided by three new Tfc (IS) 'recruits'.
  14. A2_Matelot

    A2_Matelot LE Book Reviewer

    Given that the last two SO3 IS at NETCEN in HERRICK have been RAF and the previous Army incumbent was an ex-Gunner that sort of tends to blow away one theory as to how Tfc(IS) could be gainfully employed. At least if it was a proper Tfc(IS) they'd have some credibility. I have to agree with PD, it shouldn't be a DE Officer - they need to be spoon fed too much, too often and get quite strange ideas about what they 'know'. Bless.

    As for supporting DII/F and FD, that'll be an interesting bunfight - and I'm not convinced anyone service, Corps or Regt has a clear way ahead. A joint unit would be a better way to support a joint system - what a novel concept, it'll clearly never catch on.

    RSigs IS Engrs are good and getting better, but the new trade developments haven't been universally well received and there does seem to be a lot of people leaving.
  15. I deployed on the first Ex Joint Venture about 3 or 4 years ago and I have seen the powers-that-be make plenty of tweaks since then. There wasn't really an overall IS bod there to start with, just was a "Cormorant IS" desk and a "Non-Cormorant IS" desk. That was because the first Netcen was basically 2 Sigs Regt Ops and it was the first Cormorant exercise - The "Non-Cormorant IS" was basically left to the PJHQ JOCS team. The SO3 on that desk was a DE Offr but, fortunately, he knew his stuff. Since then, every time 11 Sig Bde deployed a Netcen, it has actually been run by a proper IS SME (one of the Supvr IS WOs), although I did see a couple of DE offrs drafted in for the final weeks of Nordic Shield (basically to answer phones cos they were no use for anything else). I totally agree that it's clearly a Supvr (IS) or Tfc (IS) role. Even if the DE bloke has a degree in some ICS technology, he or she simply hasn't got the breadth of experience to do that job at Net Ops level.

    I think that's a slightly unfair comment about the former gunner. Remember that the bloke in question has been involved as a technical practitioner for quite a few years (prior to joining the corps) and has at least as much subject matter knowledge than many of his peers in the roster. I trust his judgement.