Texts you shouldnt have to send

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Beans_Boots_n_Brows, Aug 13, 2009.

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  1. Dear Beans n bottle tops, stop boring me, you smell funny and your mam dresses you funny. I do like that frock though.

    The End, by Dale aged 12 xxx
  2. oh dear somones been on the sauce
  3. 12 you say? I didn't know that the ZX Spectrum could send texts in those days. I was limited to the Pong game.
  4. I can do magic too.
  5. So can this guy, but then..."You'll like it, but not a lot"
  7. Worth a bump for those bored and looking to kill an hour. Some classics in there
  8. Ever since I discovered that my SMS texting device allows to me hold an actual conversation with someone I have lost all interest in text messages ;-)
  9. We aren't allowed to listen to you, you naughty naughty O2 thief :D
  10. "It took him longer to undo my bra than he lasted.. "

    Unlucky son
  11. You're allowed to listen, but expressly forbidden to respond. Looks like you fcked up there :wink: :D
  12. I was seeing a girl with the same name as my ex so I kept sending my ex messages that were supposed to go to this other girl. Not a good ideaaaa. Always when you're drunk eh..
  13. This never happened. :wink:
    I wonder if this violation of the rules will get me an O2 tag, coz that would be just gay...

    Ooops :roll:
  14. (443): So called my VP's house on Sunday drunk and told him that if he didn't hire me for the new position I would skull fuck his wife. They asked me to go home today. Thanks again Vodka