Texting Teenagers Driving Accident FULL Version

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by uk_numpty, Nov 19, 2009.

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  1. For Gwent Police video click HERE
  2. Sarky mode on

    Wonder how much that cost to make? I think the cold warriors could have got some sort of NDM for the price of that.

    Sarky mode off.
  3. Fair one, yep pricy but cheaper than taking all 17 year olds round the morgue or out with coppers on RTAs
  4. I would.....
  5. what the front seat passenger??!!
  6. NAAFI bar gimp 8)
  7. Only if she left some of that cider :oops:
  8. Good video.

    Seems pretty aimed at the age when they will try something that stupid, and of course not think about the consequences.

    Killing off the friends is quite inspired, although leaving one maimed could be just as effective.

    And of course, you can't take school kids on to the sites of RTAs or in to the morgues to explain what happened....
  9. Why Not? Sounds good to me, Kids these days are generally completley divorced from reality.
  10. We don't have RTA's anymore.
    They're RTC's (Collisions) as was explained to me by the civvy operator I was trying to report a nasty RTA,sorry RTC,to a wee while ago.
  11. pretty piss poor effort at copying "waynes world" bohemian rhapsody scene
  12. beer came down my nose, he he he.