Textbooks for Dairi speakers to learn english?

Random question time, my office (not in RC S / SW) has a young LEC (mid 20s) who is trying extremely hard to learn english at the moment. He's got a very basic textbook which looks to be about 40 years old, but nothing else.

We'd really like to help him out as he's an incredibly hard worker and we want to ensure he gets the best possible education. As such, can anyone recommend any textbooks that teach Dairi speakers (who are not particularly well educated) how to speak and write English? Not sure if this is the sort of thing that Beaconsfield can help with, or if there is anything else out there, but any help / advice would be hugely appreciated as it would make an enormous difference to this guys future.

TVM - much appreciated,


Book Reviewer
Simples! Buy him 2 copies of the Bible, King James Version, one in Dai, one in English, and he can parallel-read them. you never know, it may catch on :)
Why not buy him a Dari-Portuguese, Portuguese-French and French-English dictionary? "To craunch a marmoset"??
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