Text into the TV to get a date/get laid/find friends

Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by StabTiffy2B, Jun 7, 2006.

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  1. Due to the recent arrival of mini-stab, I've been spending more nights sat on the sofa watching the TV. While searching for free porn, I stumpled across "looking for Love TV" and a couple of channels where people text in some drivel about themselves and a photo. There's also some weird text speak type words on there that I didn't understand, like: CCTV & GSOH.

    My immediate reaction was to giggle at the freaks and weirdos having to resort to this method of scoring. Then, I started to think about my speed-dating thread, the number of desperate people in the world and the some of the doris's that arrse attracts. Are these programmes any less legitimate ways of meeting people?

    So my question is: Have any arrsers phoned/texted these channels? If so, what was the result? Did you score with that Bubbly, curvy, Ginger from Hull or did it turn out to be a 42 year old Brickie called Dave?

    P.S. I did keep an eye out for Adverts along the lines of "Mid Thirties Single Mum, living in a council house, seeks squaddies to lift her out of benefit existence. Prefers fat scalybacks as they are easier to break and manipulate", but I didn't see any.
  2. are these similar to those music channels where people text in and it comes up at the bottom of the screen?
  3. Yes, actually. As a student, me and flatmate got pissed and rang one of those 0898 numbers. We got to Dave, 4' something with ginger hair (not kidding!) and left a message telling him to get out more.

    Perhaps we should have taken our own advice, but when you're poor... :cry: