Texas - Someone didnt want to be pulled over

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by RCSignals, Jan 20, 2006.

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  1. God's Holy Trousers. Why is there no blood on the seats? Was this from a moving vehicle in which case that is an impressive grouping? Was it an automatic wpn, in which case it was an impressive grouping? What was the result?
  2. From what I understand it was from a moving vehicle, using a rifle, probably an AK
    As told to me: "Apparently the trooper was trying to pull over a Suburban or pick up with a topper, in any case they slowed and as he got in behind them, they opened fire. From the video sounded like maybe an AK. A round actually went through the horn section of the steering wheel and hit him in the chest luckily he had a vest on."

    Hopefully the video link at the top works
  3. Surely an AK round would go through a vest (unless it had plating?) How many times does that female reporter want to use the word "allegedly"?

  4. Someone wasn't very careful with their bow and arrow, were they? ;)
  5. I thought it was an advert for Strongbow cider!
  6. Bet the last radio message was, "It's quiet, too quiet......"

    My money is on the Commanches.
  7. According to some Texas LEO types on Sigforum.com, the still pictures are the result of a shootout where the officer was out of the car. i.e. nobody was driving at the time.

  8. Since 4 rounds evidently went in at head height on the driver's side, I'd say that was a bloody good thing too. I have watched the tape and come to the sad conclusion that, given the number of rounds that were fired and that nobody was injured, the raid had to have been carried out by The A-Team.

    All very sad. I only hope that Mr T can account for his whereabouts on that particular day.
  9. I thought that John Wayne had sorted out the Apaches years ago?
  10. The Texas Department of Public Safety is considering new vehicles
    for their State Trooper Patrol cars:


  11. looks like them thar injuns are playing up again, suggest we gather up a posse and ride em outta town
  12. Won't Lt Gruber still need that one?
  13. :D The trooper in that patrol vehicle must have had to do a quick change of grundies following the shoot :lol:

    Something to be said for wearing your armour.