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Discussion in 'US' started by Fat_Walt, Mar 23, 2011.

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  1. My GF and I are marrying next year and have more or less decided (funds permitting) to honeymoon in Texas. We'll be going in July.

    From a personal recommendation and a little bit of research the Texas Hill Country looks a likely destination. I was hoping that any Texan members or anyone who knows Texas, could recommend any "must-sees/dos", or indeed any other areas we should perhaps consider.

    Mark & Emily
  2. Texas, why? I'll email a Texan of my acquaintance and ask him.

    The normal Brit thing is Vegas ........ 'kin hole, overpriced and looks like Blackpool on steroids.

    Alternatively, Florida......Oi lives here. Yes you have the parks sadly, all of them cost around $80 a day per person, add to that food and drink.

    Parks: Disney, Sea World, Busch Gardens, Universal Studios....several water parks and smaller ride parks. Legoland is opening later in the year.

    Other things to do:
    1. Some of the worlds best skydiving at Deland and Z-Hills.
    2. If the timing is right there is Daytona for the bike week in March (just finished with weather just touching the high 70's and low 80's), October has the Biketoberfest.
    3. Other racing at Daytona.
    4. Diving around the coast.
    5. Sailing.
    6. Deep sea fishing.
    7. Everglades ......... do a Bear Grylls.
    8. You can do multi day canoe trips in a few locations ....... sod the alligators. For all those ever thinking about coming to Florida ALWAYS ASSUME THERE ARE ALLIGATORS IN EVERY BIT OF WATER.
    9. The cheapest pilot training you will ever pay for.
    10. Huge natural spings eg. DeLeon Springs - kept gator free.
    11. The drive down to the Keys. As a non-judgemental observation Key West is full of poofters errrr........ homosexuals.
    12. On the east coast sunrises to die for.
    13. On the west coast sunsets to die for.
    14. The forested parks are good but make sure to make lots of noise. Bears don't like noise.
    15. Best time for equivelant of UK summer weather mar/apr/may/nov

    It totally depends what you want out of your holiday/honeymoon. If its hills you want go to Colorado the Dakotas, Wyoming or even Northern California.

    There is everything in the US from sub-tropical, desert, alpine, forested and coastal.

    Travelling to the US: Use Thomson the holiday people. They have their own airline and seats in their equivelent of business class cost just a squeeze more than a normal flight on BA. Once you are in the US use Jet Blue - probably the best standard carrier I have ever seen, their normal seats are just below everyone elses + class seats. Southwest is also a reliable carrier - a bit more like a bus service though. With the internet you can book all your flights to, from and internally months beforehand and probably save a tidy sum. Oh yeah, keep your eyes open for BA's annual half price sale, normally September - I always buy the plus class seats then and pay less than standard fare seats normal price. Best general website is Orbitz for travel.

    Car hire: The only recomendation here is to use Carhire3000.com. They are big, reliable and cheap. Always take the gold package option as it gives you all insurance, multi driver and a tank of fuel. You pick it up, drive it and give it back.........no worries about filling the tank or accident damage, its the fire and forget option.

    Points to note on car hire: If when you arrive they do not have the level you chose then that is their problem. The monkey behind the counter will not admit to not having your level of car he/she will try and sell you an upgrade..........politely decline, "oh no, I don't like driving those". They will also try to sell you supplemantary insurances for accidents, loss of keys, breakdown ............. check your holiday insurance and politely decline. The car hire monkeys get a 20-40% commision on what they sell.

    Medical: The USA has the worst medical system I have ever in my miserable life seen or experienced. Some would defend it but the truth is it stinks. Make sure you have full and comprehensive insurance. If you do end up seeing a doc expect to pay between $80 - $130 for a ten minute consult.......and that would be after waiting an hour. In hospital expect to flex your credit card and then later claim back from your insurer.....I recently had a five hour visit to an ER that cost $3500. However, they are by law required to treat you regardless.........then chase you for the money, which seems to be the way most spams do it. Around a fifth of the piopulation has no medical cover because they cannot afford even basic insurance. Note: that applies to car insurance also so drive defensively, don't be pushy or in a hurry - they also carry guns so don't give anyone the finger.

    Long ramble, hope it was somewhat informative, enjoy married life.
  3. I like Texas, especially Sharleen Spiteri
  4. Thanks Effendi, that's a lot of very useful information. Duly noted.

    As to why Texas. Well, a number of reasons (although these could equally apply to most of the States). Neither my GF or I wanted a sit on your arrse beach holiday but she wanted somewhere hot. We both fancied the States as she's never been and my one and only visit was to Florida with my parents back in '86. We don't want to "do" big cities but would like to see "small town USA". We've also assumed, maybe wrongly, that small towns in the middle won't see a lot of Brit tourists. Although, Texas Hill Country seems to be quite a touristy area, it was recommended to us.
  5. Better off going to Mexico...hot, some beaches but lots of other things to do and good food as well.
  6. Look into Frederiksburg. Great little town with the National Museum of the Pacific War as well. Also close enough to go down to the Riverwalk in San Antonio and the wierdness that is Austin. If you get out to San Angelo I'll take you out to the range!!! Any other questions just shoot me an email.

    ETA the big cities is where the shit dwells, so that is where you are going to see the problems mentioned in the above posts with medical and car insurance. This is in a large part due to the Welfare Society bred there as well as the influx of illegals. So when you go to the doc you are not only paying for yourself but Jose and his 8 kids as well as the Welfare hood rats.