Texas Gal Shoots Purse Snatcher!

Discussion in 'US' started by Trip_Wire, Jul 12, 2009.

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  1. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP



    Last Thursday Night Around Midnight,
    A Woman From Houston, Texas Was Arrested,
    Jailed, And Charged With Manslaughter
    For Shooting A Man 6 Times In The Back
    As He Was Running Away With Her Purse.

    The Following Monday Morning,
    The Woman Was Called In Front Of The
    Arraignment Judge, Sworn In,
    And Asked To Explain Her Actions.

    The Woman Replied,
    "I Was Standing At The Corner Bus Stop
    For About 15 Minutes, Waiting For The
    Bus To Take Me Home After Work.
    I Am A Waitress At A Local Cafe...

    I Was There Alone,
    So I Had My Right Hand On My Pistol,
    That Was In My Purse, That Was Hung
    Over My Left Shoulder.

    All Of A Sudden I Was Being
    Spun Around Hard To My Left.
    As I Caught My Balance, I Saw A Man
    Running Away From Me With My Purse.

    I Looked Down At My Right Hand And I Saw
    That My Fingers Were Wrapped Tightly
    Around My Pistol.

    The Next Thing I Remember Is Saying Out Loud,
    " No Way Punk! Your Not Stealing My
    Pay Check And Tips."

    I Raised My Right Hand, Pointed My Pistol
    At The Man Running Away From Me With My Purse,
    And Squeezed The Trigger Of My Pistol 6 Times!

    When Asked By The Arraignment Judge,
    "Why Did You Shoot The Man 6 Times?

    The Woman Replied Under Oath,
    "Because, When I Pulled The Trigger Of

    My Pistol The 7th Time, It Only Went Click."

    The Woman Was Acquitted Of All Charges.
    And She Was Back At Work,
    At The Cafe, The Next Day!

    Only in Texas! :wink:
  2. Anyone got a picture? Because if she's Hot as well, I'm going to marry her! :lol:

    Good drills, both the lady and the Texas Justice System. :D

    Her answer to being asked why she shot him 6 times reminds me of a Florida Sheriff who's SWAT Team shot a cop-killer SEVENTY-SIX times. When asked if he thought this was excessive he replied:

    "Hell, no. The only reason we did'nt shoot him more times is we ran out of ammo! If we'd had more rounds we'd have kept on shooting him!" 8)
  3. My hat off to the lady. She goes out to work for her living and some low life thinks that he can just take it from her. Bad mistake there.

    Well done girl.
  4. That would be the little town of Houston, Missouri (albeit located in Texas County, MO) Population 2,000. Easy mistake to make.

    Oddly enough, The Houston Herald has no record of publishing the story...I wonder if it could an urban myth? :roll:
  5. H3

    H3 LE

    Why not my mates children in Texas carry weapons ..... do as you need to !!!
  6. Stop spoiling everybodies Sunday Breakfast :D
  7. I can't find the story either.
  8. Seconded
  9. When I saw the layout of the post I thought TW had written a modern "poem" about the incident.
  10. Stop exagerating it was only sixty eight times. :D :D

  12. Hum bad drills did she not count her rounds :wink:
  13. Y'see Halo we were all so busy willing the story to be true, that we forget what we were all taught so many years ago.

    Sometimes, we just want the Good Guys to win. :wink:
  14. My bad! :twisted: :D