Texans remember Russians

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by WEATHERMAN1956, May 14, 2005.

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  1. Texan Bill Broyles Jr. is quite a soldier and memory keeper.
    From his 'Brother's in Arms to China Beach and Texas Monthly,
    Bill documents memories.



    8) 'tanks comrades'
  2. Texans Remember Russians?

    Bet they dont.......German Women remember Russians as do Hungarians, Poles,Latvians,Estonians.....blah blah ....you get the picture!
  3. Yes, appalling acts were commited, but so they were during the early days of Operation Barbarosa by the advancing Germans. And also by every army with the upper hand throughout history.

    What I took from the article was that someone had discovered information of which he had not been previously aware, and is trying to disseminate to other's who may also be unaware.
    I personally do not have a problem with people taking a greater interest in world history, as opposed to being only concerned with their own.

    Thank you for the information about this Weatherman, I hope the citizens of Austin find the exibition interesting and informative.
    I won't say enjoyable as the history of that period can be quite horrific.
  4. My main point was made in the first three words............Americans remember very little unless it directly impacts upon them. :wink:
  5. Of course! I was out of character for just a moment, and being nice about the septic 8O
    It's alright, I'm OK now :lol:
  6. We remember the Alamo...San Jacinto...Pearl Harbor...Sept. 11th...
    But as for the 'Soviets'? We've tried to forget about their 10K warheads aimed at Houston...etc.. Forgeting about their hell hole that they keep renaming...
    (a выгребная яма by any other name...still smells...)

    THAT's why the Austin photo exhibit was done. Komrades!!