tetly or totty?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by low_roller, Jan 9, 2008.

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  1. tetley redbush

  2. totally red bush

  3. I'll never go anywhere near any red bush as long as I live.

  1. There's a new tea being advertised called Tetley Red Bush, myself I prefer a totally red bush but I know there's some doubters out there.

    They can both be refreshing but one helps you floss at the same time.
  2. What's wrong with going down on a bit of red? :? All that happens is you come up looking like a Ribena berry. :twisted:
  3. A tea bag will never: follow you home, present you with a surprise Gwarr child or take over your railways!

    Black bush, now there's a quandary waiting to be resolved!
  4. Prefer the 16 year old malt myself
  5. A very nice whiskey, much underrated.
  6. Red bush, black bush. At the end of the day it is all bush to me. Shaven bush however is a real no-no!
  7. I would try the Tetley Red Bush it looks & sounds quite healthy. Infact may even get some Sainsburys or Tescos.

    As regards the other Red Busch in a ladies 'downstairs' department that is so wrong. Any GWARs should be on an official "Ginger Offenders List" (similar to the Sexual Offenders list) for life with a one weekly sign in at a Police station.

    They would have their front bottoms inspected by the Custody Sgt & if ther was any trace of hair then they would immediately thrown in the clink and a Police surgeon called in to remove the offending rusty brillo pad.

    Quite simply Ginger Danubes are morally wrong and smell of foxes pee and twiglets and pose a risk to public health.
  8. Have to agree about the black bush.

    As regards the red bush I,ve just been informed that you can tell the difference because one tastes like pi$$ and one stinks of pi$$.

    Regards the shaving. The red bush does work well at getting bits of cabbage from between my teeth but it can leave a rash after 2 hours of diving. I think the partially bald option works well
  9. Can't remember, they all taste of fish to me.
  10. I disagree, the concealment of the red peril through shaving or the illegal application of camouflage merkins could lead to a rise in the Gwarr birth rate. The government should issue us all with a gucci little electronic gizmos built into the pistol grip of a heavy revolver, this would start bleeping within ten feet of any alien Gwarr reproductive organs.

    Your "Ginger Offenders List" is a good idea, I'd prefer to call it "Roll of those offenders selected for death" though!
  11. ginger is just so wrong

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  12. Didn't exist in NI in my day. We usually referred to it as a 'Shirley Bassey' as in " I'll have a Guinness and a Shirley Bassey if I may good landlord."
  13. She wants to have a word with her plastic surgeon...worst fake tits ever seen!
  14. And whilst shes at it, get a wax or colouring for her below belly button dept...
  15. anyone for GREY bush :D