Tetas al aire en apoyo a las tropas británicas

Or "Topless in support of British troops". Sent to me by a spanish friend. Trust them to pick up on this story. Missed it myself and not sure if got picked up on here. Either way another look never hurt anybody:


Un grupo de mujeres salió hoy a la calle en la ciudad británica de Manchester haciendo “topless” para manifestar su apoyo a las tropas británicas que luchan en el exterior, según informó el portal británico The Sun. Atha-tha tha tha thar chris waddle.
What a great idea! At least they understand that supporting the troops is necessary. Your man Ainsworthless thinks that "support for the troops" means issuing each squaddie with a jockstrap.

Already mentioned HERE

Edited to add: WITH video!


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wouldnt these girls be better employed knitting socks for our troops?

I have a heart condition.
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