Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by KyleDoughty, Feb 29, 2008.

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  1. Hello,
    im thinking of joining the army and i'm about to take my BARB test,
    but thats not whats bothering me, my friends are saying that you have to take STI tests, is it true that the shove a swab down youre 'japs eye' or is all that just lies??

    cheers x

  2. Yep.

    This is what they use;

  3. haha thats encouraging :?
    but do they actually swab you??

    and also; when i go for a ''formal'' interview, does that mean a suit??

  4. 'Formal' is army slang for T shirt, trackie bottoms (left leg tucked into your sock) and a pair of shiny white Reeboks.
  5. okay so, t-shirt, trakkie bottoms (left leg tucke................
    your turning out to be a lot of help 8O

    one more question, do gingers get bullied in the army??

  6. Do bears shit in the woods?

    If I was CGS, I would ensure ginger people were shot in the face with an AS90.

  7. :( Bit harsh
    spose ive got lots to look foward too then!
  8. Ginger people are genetic follies.

    Not really harsh when i'm trying to protect the future of the human race.

    Its for yur own good.

    And now knowing youre ginger, why would you be worried about having an STI?

    Who on Gods earth would want someone who smells like a bus shelter and has 3 amp fuse wire for pubes rubbing up and down on them?

    Was it rape?
  9. :D no it wasnt rape!
    and adding that i wasnt bothered about having STI's,
    it was the test i was wondering about

    im going to bed now, so bye bye x
  10. I'll cut you some slack here :)

    You don't do any STI tests at your selection medical, but if you have a condition you need to write it down on your medical questionare, because if they find out later and you never told them, it makes you look like a liar and you you might get discharged etc.
  11. And why are you putting a kiss at the end of your messages? Seems a strange thing to do.

  12. Maybe he has an STI up his dung trumpet?
  13. He is ginger, therefore he cannot discriminate against male, female, animal or mineral. He has to take everything he can get.
  14. LOL at some of these replys!

  15. This thread is full of Win.