hello everyone, i've passed selection and should be in basic training sometime in april or june. I've got a couple of questions i hope you's can answer.

Firstly in basic trainning what are the physicals tests you have to pass? ie run times of certain distances. also what is the combat swimming test?

also could someone tell what fitness tests i will have to do throughout my army career

i'm joining the royal engineers, so i imagine there will be a different standards for different corps.



Basic training physical tests:
first friday you get there you will do an RMT.. consists of 1.5 mile run (i think males need 10mins 30 secs?, women need 13mins 15 secs)
need to pass "bleep test" which is about 1.5mins of sit ups, need to do jerry can carry and lift (think engineers is about 35kg?)

hope that helps


swim test i believe is 2 mins treadin water and then swim round the perimeter of pool (infact not even that) ..all done in a boiler suit :D


Yeah, swim test is just 2 mins treading water and 2 lengths in a boiler suit, not too bad really. You'll do your 1.5 mile run, but the first one I did, I ran nearly 12 minutes (got it down to 9.45 in 6 weeks though) so not to worry so much, jerry cans (easy, we didn't even bother at the interim assessment) sit-ups etc. You'll also do an ammo box lift, dependent on your regt. it'll be from like 20 to 40 kilos at first (again, easy enough, no-one failed it).

It all starts off easy so don't worry too much at first, just make sure you put the effort in the PT lessons, and you'll be well above the required standards come interim and output tests.


as has been said above, however my swim Test was 2 minutes treading water and then 100 metres however no boiler suits were involved. that might be different now, only a couple of people failed, 1 who had a phobia of water and wouldn't even get in, and one guy who had a dead leg as there were about 20 people treading water in a small space, but it was quite amusing watching someone get closer and closer then him plunging beneath the water

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