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  1. Hi

    Got my BARB test tomorrow and was told I would have to do English and Maths tests as well. Does anyone have any idea what sort of things the English and Maths test covers - I wasn't the best at these at school!!!!
    Any info appreciated

  2. The skills thing starts of really basic, the english one is about punctuation spelling ect and progressively gets harder, the maths starts with 1+1 and like english builds you up to working out the volume of your mothers arse. neither are timed and as far as i could tell counted for much.
  3. You'll probably find you do the Basic Skills tests numerous times anyway, nothing to worry about in particular just brush up on the basic side of numeracy and literacy on a revision website or similar and you'll be fine, not doing well on these isn't a bar to anything i believe, this early on anyway. It's just an assessment, you can't fail.
  4. Maths and English tests are easy. Simple questions that ask you to read a paragraph and point out spelling/grammar mistakes etc and the maths test will have questions like: Item X costs £x.xx . It's a 20% off sale how much does it cost? That sort of stuff, not too hard there is a calculator too for some of the questions.
  5. Cheers for this - will keep everything crossed!
  6. its purely basic a 10 year old could do it blindfolded with a cucumber up his bum :)

  7. oh yea where did you get this idea from 8O i bet you have photos lol joke
  8. hahaha yeah i stuck them on facebook :O
  9. To be honest its not even that hard , questions like "You earn £XX.xx every week out of that comes rent £x.xx ,bills £x.xx ,bus fare £x.xx ... how much are you left with?"

    Hope that helps

    Syn :)
  10. The sad thing was that the basic skills was initially brought in to screen applicants on their basic communications skills, the idea being that it would allow for Commonwealth applicants to join but only let in those that were at the required standard for speaking and listening.

    Quite embarrassingly it was the indigenous population that was failing it and so it was pulled for a while, revamped and then put back into practice.

    People do still fail it, and actually go over the time limit trying to pass something that most people take for granted ;)

    But it is a doddle and you shouldnt worry about it :)