Can anyone point towards where I can get the contents of a syringe tested?

Short story is my brother has a small security firm that I'm helping him grow, the barrel and pin were found in the officers gate house by a cleaner and it's on a PFI school site so as you can imagine the proverbial has hit the fan.

Just need to get it couriered off and tested, there is some clear liquid in the barrel.

I've hammered the internet but might be being a bit thick.. :)

4 guys rotate on site, no diabetics, all pointing fingers at the other. It's a green pin, apparently this is too thick for IV drug use/diabetes ect, probably steroids but need to get it clarified.
Green pin? Sounds very much like it's a legit medical device. Is it a combi-pen, and not a conventional syringe?
An everday, normal syringe..
Top Gear (ironic link there), had some independent bloke go through some cars they bought to see what detritus had built up. have a poke about on you tube, I think it was in the last seasons episodes, the blokes who runs has some odd name like 'manlove' or something?

Sorry best I can do.
I'm betting on roids, any of the guys that work there obvious Sted users? If any of them work the doors as well its a safe bet.


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FSS (Formerly the Forensic Science Service), LGC (Laboratory of the Government Chemist) or Chipping Camden Food Research (they do more than food) are all good places to start.

Sorry can't give costs details.
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