Testing Vauxhall Corsa fault codes?

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by llech, Mar 17, 2012.

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  1. As it says I'm wanting to test a Vauxhall Corsa engine managment lights, but I just need a heads up on where I can find the ALDL test plug? It doesn't appear to be by the handbrake like an Astra. Much appreciated.

    BTW it's a Corsa 1.2 Twinport on a 54 plate.
  2. If you go to a petrol station (any petrol station) you can buy 2 liters of petrol. Then set fire the car. Best thing you can do for it.
  3. In the fuse box?
  4. I'd recommend putting the petrol all over it to be fair.
  5. I think it's in the centre of the dashboard on the underside. You won't see it unless you get on your knees and stick your head down there but if you have delicate fingers you might be able to feel around and locate the access panel to pull it open.
  6. If you can't afford the petrol this was suggested from another site.

  7. Here's how you do it:

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  8. hold both clock buttons down with the engne on, fault codes will be shown on the mfd
  9. Thats a old CORSA MODEL, its got spark plugs.

    I like my 06 model Corsa but it has some stupid problems that hinder simple maintainace;

    i.e. to change the battery;

    Remove wipers arms, remove plastic grill which has a built in drip tray to push water away from the battery, remove old battery without loosing the clamp screws etc, replace new battery and reverse all previous.

    Or when it is late at night, dark, raining and I am having a serious sense of humour failure, Cut off the offending plastic bit with a stanley knife, remove old battery and lose retaining clamp in the night, slot in new battery, cable tie it in and sort it out in the day light. Why don't Vauxhall fit a decent battery as standard, i.e. BOSCH.

    Changing a bulb (RHS) remove airbox lid and miles of air box trunking, try not to lose them, remove bulb housing without breaking cheap plastic clips (oh bugger), replace bulb trying not break the remainder of the cheap plastic clips (more oh bugger), reassembly all the trunking the right way around (oh b*ll*cks), fit air filter lid, go to dealer next day and reorder a head light unit as all the plastic clips are broken.

    Spend months fighting Vauxhall to supply new head light unit free of charge (sale of goods act-not fit for purpose etc).

    Tell Vauxhall Customer Service I would have used one of their Technicans to do the job, but they were not by the road side at 0stupid dark hours in the cold wet and snowy conditions and I could not see where I was going etc.

    In fact the more I think about it; I DON'T LIKE MY CORSA, now wheres the jerry can.
  10. Hush your mouth you snob "Vauxhall, at least it's not a Citroen!" should be the tagline, GM didn't take me up on the offer as PR man.
  11. I will take a gander under the steering wheel and engine bays respectively. I was just expecting it to be hidden under something like the Astra.
  12. Why would it be hidden under another car?
  13. Has to be somewhere, as good a place as any to hide it!
  14. The EOBDII connector is here on a 2004 Corsitshit:


    When you plug in the fault code reader, it will say "HAHAHAHAHAAAA! A ******* CORSA!!! YOU GAYER!"
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  15. I'd just like to point out the smaller the car the bigger the manhood!