Testing times!!

Hi, i start basic in October for the Armoured Engineers and was just wondering if there was another tst test like i did at selection.I am aware of there being tests at certain points in training but if there was another tst test i could revise on maths because it isnt my strongest subject.
Thanks for any help.
Only test is Having a full working knowledge of that strange pass time that Armoured Farmers call Nurdles. A totally senseless game about throwing hammers around. At least they could throw it at something sensible, like each other
You'll also need two shovels and two tins from the old compo rat packs :wink:
one question for you .... how many pies can you consume????
Come's with the wagon CES mate :D
:D I could just about eat two pies at a push so plenty more practice needed.On a serious note please can anyone advise on the topic posted thanks.
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