testing the water,transferring between the RAC

Discussion in 'RAC' started by cavemanmufasa, Feb 3, 2011.

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  1. As said above I'm just enquiring about some information on transferring regiments within the RAC.
    A bit of info before I start rambling:
    My current regiment a FR is based in germany,the regiment I would like to transfer to is a MBT regiment based in the UK
    I've not been at reg for very long ( start of august )
    Attempted for a transfer during phase two but told I would have to wait.

    That's kinda the basics. The reasoning I would like to transfer are both personal but also to do with my military career. I will not be going on tour any time soon through no fault of my own, purely how the cookie has crumbled,2013 is the next expected tour for me and in my own point of view spending 4 years in a combat regiment without a sniff of combat experience is not my ideal. Since I have been at reg I have not touched a afv,purely because we have been focused on a ground role and due to this the only courses I have done has been team medics and a pashtu course ( both passed ).
    So after all the above pointless rambling what are the chances of being able to stroll into my troop leaders office and requesting a transfer? What are my chances and any advice about any of this process would be grateful
  2. If you do not go and ask then you are left in limbo. your troop leader will of course want to know the full story, but he is then obliged to pass it upwards, why transfer though? i had 4 guys from a different armoured regiment "attached" for a tour in N.I. volunteers who wanted a break from barrack routine, ask if you can be nominated for any tours going with an other unit.

    My only other tip at the moment i would keep it between you and the troop boss, gobbie nigs tend not to go down well when shit jobs are available!!

    good luck.
  3. My only other tip at the moment i would keep it between you and the troop boss, gobbie nigs tend not to go down well when shit jobs are available!!

    good luck.[/QUOTE]

    True, so true. If you are really determined caveman, then grit your teeth and go for it. Then grip your ankles and grit your teeth some more.

    After 4 years in my Reg't, my OC suggested I go for a commission with the Int Corp. SSM was tasked with arranging for me to spent some quality time at Bde HQ. Up I rock on the Monday to discover I was Brigade Officer's Mess Barman-Biatch. Oh how we laughed as I begged to be allowed the honour of returning to my Reg't.
  4. im currently serving in the same regt as you, and we prolly know each other, but try for a transfer, and keep badgering about it, as the troopies are quite good at forgetting things like this.
    ive also got a transfer in lol
  5. Is this the start of another 9/12L slag off thread? or do want to get off my mountain Boyyo?
  6. Transfer to HCR, ther're always sending someone somewhere nasty. And you can always tell the Ladies you work with Harry!!
  7. @Aghart,
    QDG are off to Afghanistan at the moment so he can´t be with them,they´re lucky to get 1 year between tours let alone 4!

    Why go MBT when they´re being mothballed anyway?
  8. Challenger 2 is not being mothballed; over 200 will be scrapped, 50 cut up so far.
  9. OMFG If Withams sell 'em at least there is a possibility of getting them back quickly if the brown and stinky does hit the fan.
  10. As an ex Junior Trooper I sometimes wonder what the Fcuk is going on,I know there´s a lack of ammo for the rifled 120mm but that´s nothing that couldn´t be remedied using a few small engineering companies,it might get expensive but cutting up some of the world´s best tanks doesn´t seem to be a very good idea at the moment
    Looking at CNN tonight the Yanks are whipping up the equivelent of Hitler´s speech about shooting back at the Poles,they reckon Iran wanted to use a dirty nuke to kill the Saudi Ambassador in New York and are stirring the shite quite well.
    As part of the USA´s Foreign Legion we won´t need Tanks anyway,we provide the grunts and they´ll let our Air Force fly their multi million planes to keep up the fantasy that we can still defend ourselves.
    Domart are you still in or have they managed to lever you out with a crowbar?

    midnight,ex Totty Robot!
  11. Domart are you still in or have they managed to lever you out with a crowbar?

    midnight,ex Totty Robot![/QUOTE]

    Long gone Midnight. Out on Options Phase 2 little or no leverage required.
    last saw Totty when I got on a Chieffy for the D&M in test of Crew Cmdrs course. I don't know who was most surprised! Needless to say once I shaved the air cleaner with a broken milk bottle I passed....
  12. I passed him in a Bar in Hohne and he looked so small and pathetic I let him pass,his face was a picture though!I moved to Oberammergau after I left in 1980 where QDG/14/20th shared a Ski hut and he was there as a ski instructor for a few months a year,never met him and I only found out a few years later from the owners of the ski hut,`Do you know vot Totty is doing now?´,I didn´t have the heart to them that I deeply hoped that he was rotting in Hell.
    P.S.because of their continued fighting in the village 14/20th were banned from leaving the ski hut at night so never got to meet any of them.