Testing the wading depth?

Discussion in 'RAC' started by young_lofty, Mar 24, 2008.

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  1. Hoping that someone on here could help me out on this one...

    Going through some photos on my old hard drive and came across this one- I'm not claiming I took it, I didn't!

    Wondering if anybody knows what the story is behind the picture? Unit, where when, etc.

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  2. THe ice doesnt look like the tank drove through it, flash flood maybe? looks to be a U shape ravine in a road.
    Shall i blame Global warming?
  3. :?
    May make myself out to be a knob but , sunken MGOB ? looks like an empty pin case on roadside .
    Do remember doing underwater scaffolding and other const tasks .
    [waits for incomming ]
  4. Conversation went something like this;

    You the new driver?

    Yes boss.

    Do you know the main difference between Chally 1 and Chally 2?

    No boss.

    Chally 2 is amphibious.


    Yeah - go give it a go, make sure you bring it back full.

    Ok boss.
  5. msr

    msr LE

  6. Ta for that MSR!
  7. Well the story goes something like this................the CR2 was actually owned by C Sqn 2RTR at the time of it's dunking! It happened one wintery night circa 1999 in the Deep Wading Ford (Teifwanbecken scuse spellin), which is located opposite Samlands maint site on the southern side of Bergen-Hohne ranges. ISTR it stayed in the water for at least two days until an RE diving team arrived and hitched up the tow ropes! :roll: Just a few more interesting facts:-

    1. The tank was being commanded by an officer.
    2. It was a good job the driver was a skinny cnut, as he managed to crawl back into the turret under the elevated gun, the gunner had tried to depress it but outside the space between the gun and the driver's cab was jammed up with ice! 8O
    3. As is the norm it was also good that the driver was closed down and using his night sight, if he hadn't (as was the norm in the old days) he would have had a 'fizzog' full of fcuking girt chunks of ice! 8O
    4. After the panzer was recovered it went into 2 Bn Wksps and was placed into a heated hangar (alledgedly) to dry out, after a couple of weeks the Ece's were opening up 'wiggly amp' boxes to still find water pouring out! :D
    5. The tank was never the same again! :x
    6. The tank's c/s wasn't U571!!! :lol:
  8. Haha, great picture! Glad I haven't had any mishaps like that, yet!
  9. thanks for reminding us of that one again, good story
  10. Wonder what the OC said lol
  11. Reminds me of our troop sgt 'hissing' sid, who found out that the ford he thought was a ford in fact wasnt, funny his driver didnt speak to him for months after. Did have a lovely pic of the 3 sitting on the turret :)