Testing the Lockheed Martin Joint Light Tactical Vehicles

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Story Created: Aug 13, 2009 at 6:16 PM EDT

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These Lockheed Martin engineered and produced vehicles could replace the military's Humvee in a few years.

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Here in Owego, the Joint Light Tactical Vehicles are test driven 12 hours a day.

"We actually try to get out and physically break the truck, said Louis DeSantis, Lockheed Martin's Vice President of JLTV Systems. "We need to know just exactly what the truck will do and can't do."

Lockheed wants to make sure the vehicles reach specifications for use by the Army and the Marines.

"When the requirements were put in place the anticipation was that these vehicles would operate anywhere in the world," said Kathryn Hassy Director of JLTV Systems.

Workers have been constructing this course to mimic conditions such as the deserts of Iraq and the mountains of Afghanistan.

"We have carved out a track here that basically got the energy levels to test the trucks to the maximums," said Scott Edwards, Head of Testing Operations with JLTV.

That includes simulated attacks.

"We have been doing blast testing at close range levels and it's very, very successful," Hassy said.

Lockheed Martin expects to make it to the next stage, engineering, manufacturing and development.

The contract could be worth 25 to 70 billion dollars.

50 to 60 thousand of these vehicles would be made over 10 years.

"It'll essentially double the manufacturing workload in Lockheed Martin," DeSantis said. "Significant job hires as a result of this."

And despite the rollover during this media demonstration, Lockheed Martin is confident it'll beat the competition.

Lockheed Martin starts the next stage of government testing next April.

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