Testing Subbies

I have been tasked by the CO to come up with an activity that will "place the Platoon Commanders under serious duress" at the conclusion of a Bn exercise.

Any suggestions chaps? Helpful or otherwise!



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A Fisher Price Activity Centre should do the trick!


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Sword Drill!
CBRN log run
How they would stage a Coup d'etat?

That'd get GCHQ to take note...


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Give a brief on Fashion Sense.
Tell them that due to a last minute change in plan they have to organise a royal visit at the last moment.

This would allow the whole of the CoC to be in on the 'serious duress'.

Not sure about doing something just at the conclusion, but I believe the Coldstream ran their own version of EX Long Reach for the battalion a while ago. The YOs expected to man the checkpoints, but right at the start line the CO said "take off your uniforms, put on these great coats, you have five minutes to memorize your route". Soldiers were told they'd get extra points if they captured a YO. That part of the exercise was known as Ex Running Rupert.
Recite the two times table, backwards.

Like the killing off of the CoC idea, that would definily stretch them, or kill off the Plt Sgts, and see how they do. Reasonbly relevant too.

Or maybe cut a section off, (surrounded somewhere) and give them the task of rescuing with bare minimum of equipment, man power and time.

Ex Running Rupert :twisted: Classic.
Swap Plt Sgts with Plt Comds??

Make them exercise their command through interpreters?

Blindfold them?

Do the Israeli Staff Course thing, where you brief the task, give them the resource and time allocations and set them off...then every ten minutes or so you add/remove resources and pare away the time budget. boy do you learn the difference between mission critical and nice to have in that game!

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