Testing of graves

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by batfink, Feb 17, 2008.

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  1. from the BBC


    caught my eye because the council did all the testing on the sly 2 years ago my family found out, my grandmother is buried here, only because my grandad has not moved in 50 years and the council sent notfication to the address they held on record for owning the grave. for the past 2 years there has been graves propped up by bits of wood, just in case one falls on someone, seems to me that the council is starting to move ahead with plans to reclaim the plots.
    as an aside there are about eighty odd war graves at this site and they all seem to have passed the council tests so far.
  2. oldbaldy

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    It's happening everywhere.
    Elfin safety innnit.
  3. This has been happening around the country for some years now and I seem to recall, that it started after some little scrote was flattened by a falling gravestone while 'playing' in a cemetery.

    A little more respect for the dead and knowing the difference between a graveyard and a playground might have saved his life and prevented some more safety conscious local authorities from knocking down dozens of memorials 'just in case'.
  4. I have a pal who is a Stone Mason. He was telling me something about it but I was not taking much notice.
  5. the problem is, apart from cost ( which isn't cheap ), is that when the local council started this 2 years ago they put a deadline on the work being completed or they would start proceedings to claim back the plots and reuse them. these plots are on long term leases and we were lucky that that my grandad has lived in the same house his whole life. Some people will not be traceable after 50 or 60 years and will only find out about this when wanting to use their plot.
  6. Well at least he saved mum and dad the expense of a hearse! :twisted: