Testing for anabolic steroids...

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Dr. Ziegler, Aug 3, 2012.

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  1. First post, and a rather controversial topic...

    Does the TA (specifically the Parachute Regiment) test for anabolic steroids during the CDT upon applying? Or do they just test for recreational drugs?
  2. Poor attempt. Goodbye.
  3. Don't know and who cares 'cos if you're doing either you're a ******* idiot with no business in HM Forces. Mong.
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  4. Ahh so Sarah, you have an Adams apple, a hairy chest and suddenly found the need to stand up when you pee. We will require pictures for evidence\ridicule before we carry on with this thread.

  5. Drugs are for mugs mate. We don't need anyone who needs roids to man up.
  6. I'm not sure if the Army tests upon applying but I'm pretty sure whilst in training i would like to think the recruits will be tested, even if they are TA. Once trained and you are warned off for OP's therefore attached to a regular Unit, if that Unit gets CDT'ed then I can see no reason why being a TA Soldier you would be treated any different than a regular counter-part.

    One of our lads was kicked out for steroid misuse. IMHO - there is no place in the regular Army or TA for drug mis-use!
  7. To be honest it cost too much to test every one for roids so will only be done on individuals highly suspected of tacking. However if you wernt a mong and obviously you are you would understand that steriods are not going to enhance your physical endurance for pre para only slow you down. Yeah it adds to your muscle mass but do you really want to carry more weight? It wont improve your lung capacity or heart, in fact it will put more strain on it. It certainly wont help on the 10 miler, steeple chase or strecher run! Just eat well, train hard and earn it! Failing that advise stack yer self up, bulk up 2 stone and look like a cnut when your in the jack wagon for not keeping up! Stand up fail!
  8. If you cant do it without drugs they won't want you anyway. Nearly every para I've known has been pretty close to roid rage without drugs, they'd be scary with chemicals
  9. firstly if your going to take such a route consider the following, 1. you may experience bad 'back pumps' & 'shin pumps' which will hinder you greatly on fast tabs and endurance runs. 2. unless you've been training solidly for the last 5 years and have reached your physical peak/growth, you might as well throw your money down the drain as steriods will only really benefit you if you've reached your natural plateau, you will find it hard to keep the immediate gains otherwise. Then there's the threat of the dreaded 'Gyno' from such use. Now as for steriods in the forces from my experience alot of the younger lads/gym queens dabbled in all sorts of prohormones and AAS, 9/10 not having a clue about cycling lengths or PCT protocols and continued their lifestyles down the local club (Hippodrome). This resulted in a number of case of 'Gyno', Infections of certain muscle groups from bad pinning technique, all this resulted in the unit being tested 3 times in as many months..nobody got done as it's already been pointed out it costs a fortune to test for specific Anabolic/Androgenic substances, some of which are not covered by the misuse of drugs act. The likely hood is if your stupid enough to take Cocaine, Cannabis, Heroin and such wretched substances you'll get nailed and rightly so. I've never come across anyone with 'Roid Rage', this is a media driven term when the odd lunatic/psycho does something stupid gets caught and then pleads in court " the steroids did it". Normally you find they're addicted to a number of substances of which medical companies don't trial such concotions on human test subjects for obvious reasons. Those who take Testosterone actually report a sense of increased well being whislt 'on cycle', again if you haven't got a decent PCT lined up your levels will crash and you will plunge into a sea of depression/anger. I hope you don't take steroids and consider the honor of your chosen regiment. By training hard naturally you will achieve all you want, without the side effects.
  10. How ******* deluded some of you are, its a big business in the forces now.

    Begs the old question though doesnt it? Who would you rather bomb burst out of the gate with? Someone who does the odd course of gear on the sly or the company piss pot after he's been out all weekend?
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  11. Well, if you believe the CDT team they test for all forms of steroids, though I've never known or heard of anyone getting kicked out for taking them.

    I knew one bloke who took them and he was a throbber of the highest order, who eventually got kicked out for failing a CDT.

    Bombing out of the gate with the company piss pot doesn't come into it, on tour it's unlikely though not impossible that he would have been getting pissed out of his tree before going on patrol.
  12. A quick visual inspection usually suffices

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  13. My bold.


    So you do know of someone who got kicked out for taking steroids.
  14. Answer:

    Neither, both dicks.
  15. No, I knew someone who took steroids but got kicked out for smoking weed.