Testing aptitude for languages...

Once upon a 1980, I sat in a Helles classroom with the rest of 1 Tp and pencilled my way through something designed to test aptitude for languages.

Memory insists that this was called ALAT and that we were told that the theoretical maximum score of 55 was actually impossible.

I've seen references to MLAT, but not ALAT. Have I remembered it all wrongly?

Really weird: the same C**** J**** who invigilated my test was still PSO Sgt some five years later; on bumping into him in RHQ corridor, he instantly knew who I was and what I had scored on the test. At the very least, a couple of thousand bods must have gone through since my test...

I do know this much: my test result meant that I was promptly earmarked for a life in Cyprus, where I proved to be the world's worst EW Op...
you are correct, It used to be the Army Language Aptitude Test but is now the Military Language Aptitude Test. As for Worst EWOp in the world, there are a few people who would like to query that with you!!
How bad was I? I ended up doing about six months on 130, as everyone else rotated, before shuffling up to L3 and pretending to be green slime...

If you understand, you needn't ask; if you don't, I can't explain!
There was near-consensus at the time that I was also in the running for world's worst soldier.
Hobgoblingobbler said:
oi 'tink oi 'tink,

I took that test many moons ago and scored very low. 25 yrs later and I speak 5 languages fluently..........
Which proves some kind of point. I really was a lousy Op, albeit mainly for reasons of attitude, despite the test score. My original post was disingenuous; the reason the PSO wallah instantly recognised me, years later, was that, he instantly explained, I apparently still held a record for "the highest ever ALAT" -- 47, for what it's worth.

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