Testing and Commissioning Engineer

Abu Dhabi Salary £45000 Tax free, plus allowances for accomodation, flights, medical and life insurance included

Testing & Commissioning Engineer

Job Description:

Testing & Commissioning Engineer will require knowledge of Microsoft Server and Workstation, Networking, Electro Optics as well as Command & Control systems. Experience in electrical installations is an advantage. Should posses testing and commissioning experience with the ability to update and produce acceptance test procedures. Will require knowledge of electrical and structured cabling regulations. Works at sites within the UAE and ensures the quality of records, acceptance certificates, documentation for specific systems, hardware and Infrastructure are prepared and collated in accordance with project requirements. Coordinates with Testing and Commissioning Supervisor to ensure milestone dates are understood for each task. Assists with the completion of as-built documentation before handing to the next department. Review inspection and test plans against the milestone scope of work. Assists the Testing and Commissioning Supervisor to compile turnover documentation. Coordinates any inconsistencies in test packages with the Testing and Commissioning Supervisor.

Duties and Responsibilities:

* Performs allocated tasks from Supervisor.
* Updates and maintains ATP / SAT/ OSAT documents.
* Testing and Commissioning product features and components.
* Participates in all aspects of quality control, including reviewing requirements, developing test structures (concepts, plans, and cases) and testing the product.
* Designs, implements and executes system level tests and product feature tests.
* Develops and maintain automatic testing tools.

Requirements / Experience:

* 4+ years experience in quality control and testing related platforms
* Experience and knowledge in QA methodologies: Design, implement and execute test plans
Experience in testing communications Wireless and wired
* Possess a genuine interest in testing, career progression and improving personal QA knowledge
* Experience with MS Windows Server and Workstation in an Active Directory Environment
* Knowledge of networking, TCP/IP, VLANs, routers and switches
* Excellent documentation skills
* Team player
* Excellent English verbal, reading and writing
* Driving license – Preferred.

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