Testimony to how fecked up our application of law/rights is

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ABrighter2006, May 16, 2007.

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  1. Read the following, and then read it again. Putting aside the hang 'em high comments, can somebody please explain to me just how this country has developed to get to this?

    BBC Web page: School fights to evict paedophile

    So, with the "Western Style democracy and rule of law" that we seem so keen to impress upon countries in the Middle East. I ask the inevitable question of Blair and Co. - Do we think this would happen in Basrah?

    There again, it's been quite common for Iraqi Judges to be shot in the course of their' duties. Doesn't happen in this country, fortunately.
  2. And then read again the definition of testimony.
  3. I occasionally have a drink with a UK Immigration Apeals Judge.
    He commented that he rejects over 90% of all appeals.
    Few if any are ever sent back.
  4. These perverts get more protection, from the judicial sytem, than the victims and pottential victims.
    Opperations to catch perves in public toilets around the S@##%y area, were stopped after 2 senior ranking officers, 1 RAF and 1 Army, were caught. I guess the chief of that particular county didn't want any Judges or Magistrates getting caught.
  5. Ah, the missing questionmark - and it was late!