My boss ha asked me to draft a Testimonial for a lad who's leaving soon. I've never seen one before. Anyone know what it should look like / contain etc?
Is it for a bar - room type leaving do or an official officers and photographers type do...a grip and grin job ?
A proper testimonial (ie AF B108X) is the piece of paper that a service leaver clutches in his sweaty hand when going for an interview. Essentially, it is the only reference that the Army will give you.

If you are going to write one I suggest that you get a copy of a previous testimonial from the Admin Office and use it as a guide. Try to translate the soldier's trade and experience into civilian speak. Ie, don't say "radio operator" say "has operated high specification military communications systems in harsh operational environments".

And, most important, DO NO use the dreadful cliche: "they will be an asset to any future employer". Because they won't. What if they go for a job with, say, NASA or Goldman Sachs Investment Bank. Will "Smuge", your mate with the d!ck cheese problem be an asset to a Williams F1 team? Probably not.

Anyway, rant over. This very important document should be well written, not rushed.
Tried to pm this to you but it didn't seem to work! Insert & delete as you see fit!

******** WO1 A Body

WO1 A Body leaves the Army after more than 25 years exemplary service in the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME). During this time he has been employed as a Vehicle Mechanic, progressing to Workshop Manager Status. He has been responsible for the management of the inspection, repair, servicing and modification of wheeled and tracked vehicles, engineering equipment and plant.

For the last three years he has been employed as the workshop manager for a high profile project trial which is introducing the concept of ............ to the Field Army in Germany. This trial project is seen as a test bed for the introduction of ...........................for all three armed services. He was responsible for turning a dilapidated and disused workshop building into a fully functional and equipped working environment and recruiting the German civilian workforce.

Joining the Army in February 1975 he completed his training as a Vehicle Mechanic and was posted in May 1976 from the School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Bordon, to an armoured unit Light Aid Detachment REME in Tidworth, moving with that unit to Germany in October of the same year. From there he has served in the UK, Germany, Italy, Cyprus, the Balkans and Canada in a variety of REME Light Aid Detachments and Workshops. He left the Army on redundancy in 1993 but was re-engaged on Full Time Reserve Service in ****.

WO1 A Body has consistently demonstrated sound technical and managerial knowledge and has a proactive approach. He offers clear and positive engineering solutions should problems arise. He sets high standards and leads by example. His calm attitude and experience have been passed easily to his team of supervisors and tradesmen. He has strong leadership qualities and skills. He has an amiable personality, mixes well and is widely respected throughout his current Unit and his Corps.

WO1 A Body holds a Driving licence category C + E and holds Health and Safety qualifications (Unit Health and Safety Advisor) and is the focal point for Health and Safety in the Workshop. He also holds Defence Transport Manager Qualifications and has been responsible for domestic motor transport management in his last two units in addition to being the Workshop Manager.

In summary, I anticipate that the skills, experience and competencies attained by WO1 A Body in the course of his military service will ensure that the transition to his chosen second career will be a successful one. He has a well rounded character, is particularly well organised and his people skills are first-rate. He operates professionally and effectively in any environment, and has the motivation, ambition and determination to be an asset to any employer. I strongly commend him to you.
Thanks guys.

I'm pretty sure what I write won't make a great deal of difference cos this lad has already got a really good job, he did an OU ccomputer science degree and is off to be an IT consultant for some London bank.

Even so, I think I ought to do the best I can for him since the boss doesn't seem that interested just because he PVR'd.
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