Testimonial of service / AFB 108??

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by blackiemagic, Sep 4, 2011.

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  1. I have just left after 14 years service upon reaching my career ceiling of Sgt and deciding it was time to move on. In the pack of stuff i received, it mentioned a Testimonial of service or AFB 108X. I asked my wksp 2 i/c who i have known for a while and used to be my ASM at a previous unit, if he would write it for me. He wrote some blurb (a lot of which was wrong) and e mailed it to me (after i nagged him several times). When I enquired as to when I would receive the real one he said that was it!
    I may be wrong, but i thought I was supposed to at least get something that looked a bit more professional and was maybe even signed by the CO of my last unit, which was supposed to go someway to explaining what I have been doing for the last 14 years that may be of use or interest to a future employer. If there's any AGC types on here who may be able to shed some light on the subject i would love to hear from you!
    I know there are budget cutbacks to worry about, but I'm sure it wouldn't cost much. So far, all i have to show for my service in 14 years and 2 operational theatres is a little veterans badge!
  2. No such thing anymore. Just a scrappy bit of paper and a "See ya".

    They don't care - they are more than happy to shove you away with a badly spelt piece of shit.

    14 years and 2 tours? You old sweat.
  3. Be thankful you got that I had a certificate from the CGS showing me as a Pte and in the Queens not bad we were amalgamated in the 90s
  4. Is that the red book thingy?

    Mine, wherever it is now, was inaccurate anyway - missed some stuff I did.
  5. There is still a 108 of sorts, which your last unit should produce. At our unit it still gets signed by the CO, and should be given to you before you leave as it is the only thing which resembles a Reference. Go back to your unit and tell them you want it signed, sealed and delivered.
  6. In 95 days, not that I'm counting. I'm going to write my own.

    It will be better spelt and have more truth in it. If they find my bastard P-File.
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  7. Because that's going to happen isn't it?

    Can I live in your world?
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  8. The AFB108X is still in existence and should be written by your OC (in reality your Pl Comd/ASM/Bill from the workshop). It should be written with a view to further employment, and is signed by the CO.

    An e-mail is so not the right way to do these things...
  9. I got my AFC108X, but had to chase my OC for weeks; it was not managed by my resetlement team, but they sent me the template by email which I farwarded to my OC; I think it all changed when JPA came in (might be wrong), but it did not seem to be managed at all when I left last year and Soldiers did leave without one (just a email or another type of reference from the CoC). The Red Book went ages ago too. If you are just getting an email then I think youve been a little cheated of a proper reference.
  10. yeah-hahahaha.jpg

    Legs, you live in the real world too. We all know it doesn't happen.

    Kingo me a 108X and a typewriter.
  11. Funnily enough, it does! OsC email the text to me, I produce them, the CO signs them, I get them back to the soldier. So ner ner!
  12. Well, i wish i had Legs working in my old unit. It just seems to be another case of being fobbed off by people who can't seem to be arsed to spend the time doing what they should be doing as they're too busy spending wednesday afternoons playing golf.
    Snail, i said 2 operational theatres, not 2 tours. i did get my ACSM for more than 1080 operational days.
  13. I had to wait 2 months for mine after i left and had to make many calls to my Regiment. They could not be fucked, out of sight out of mind. It was not until i mentioned legal action (as i could not get a job without it) that they took notice and it was emailed to me 2 hours later. I had some Sqn 2ic from a Sqn i never served with write mine. Bloody nightmare.
  14. my platoon commander did mine on letterhead paper before I left however I also got contact details for other people whilst I could for future references.

    Maybe try the same
  15. I write a 108 for every soldier that leaves my unit and make a point of doing a decent job, particularly if theyguy is good - Its harder if they are not. There are rules about what you can say - nothing derogatory for a start, all you can do for a total waster is just NOT say stuff.... I had one last year who was a totally unreliable drunk - His 108 was pretty bald, just where he served and what rank he reached. Other guys will get a bit of a speil about reliability, self-starter, people skills etc.
    One fairly recent bug-bear is getting hold of info - It used to be fairly simple to get all the info about where folk had served from PAMPAS. With JPA that info is not easily found.....so I ask they guys to write a potted history of where they served, tours etc and ask if there is anything they would specifically like me to mention then add in a bit about what qualities they have. I have a template on my PC so that the blurb fits the nice paper form 108 exactly. Any unit thats not producing a decent 108 and on time is pretty shite IMHO.