Testicular torsion?

First time posting on here; been a while lurking.
Since I've been renovating my late grandad's house with my uncle, I've been doing a lot of heavy lifting, what with knocking the garage down, bashing walls out and what not.
Anyway, quite a few months back I got overconfident in my abilities and decided that I COULD lift that tonne of bricks I'd just brought crashing down. Like f**k could I. I can't really remember any problems then; I just gave up. But since that, I've noticed a strange slipping sensation in my lower abdomen, extending down into my right testicle, and often there is a slight ache there, especially when lifting heavy goods.
Since I'm hoping to be going down to Winchester on May 18th to start Phase 1 training (I'm going in to be Groundcrew in the AAC), I am praying to the Lord that this is just some easily-solved muscular strain.
Another bloody annoying thing about all this is that I completed ADSC back in December, the 12th to be precise, but I'm waiting for my damn braces to come out.
So, any advice men (and not to discriminate, women)?
Is there any swelling?

Get it seen too, could be a hernia. Thought I had a hernia before because my gland swelled up, but luckily the swelling was due to a viral infection.
There's no swelling there at all, that's why I'm keen to dismiss the idea that it may be a hernia. I'm probably wrong, unfortunately.
I'm also a bit weary of going to get it checked out in case the doc unveils some other medical horror, or that it's something that may further delay my entry.
torsion of the testes and you would be crying like a girl and probably on the floor...sounds ominously like a possible hernia...see your M.O. .... ASAP!
As a young thruster I went over the handlebars on my racer smashing my pods into the big nut at the top of the stem. It hurt a fair bit but I got over it quickly enough to finish the bike ride home (about half a mile). I got in and needed to blow my hooter before I sat down for dinner. As I needed a quick leak first I undid the buttons on my fashionably (80s) tight jeans. It hurt a bit but not too much, as for blowing my nose, I used the abdo muscles to hoof out what was in my lungs. There was a big red flash and it went all black.

Mum heard the bang as I collapsed against the toilet door. Out for the count. I came round a minute of so later and was in agony. Not pain. Proper agony.

Dad drove me to A & E where a quick look said it all. I was admitted, prepped, shaved and being cut open in theatre before the night was out.

If you have a torsion mate you would not be capable of standing, sitting, walking or coughing!! Time is the key factor. If the torsion is not sorted within about 12 hours from injury then blood flow is lost to the swingers and they rapidly become manky and require removing.

Moral of the story-stop pratting about and get yourself down the quacks quicksharp.



PS The injury nor operation hindered me as I have become one of the country's leading Throb Gods!!
wordsworth said:
If it is a hernia, what treatment can I expect, and how long will I be deferred entry to start Phase 1?
I have heard of runners having 8 weeks off, if you went private you probaly would not get deferred as the Army wouldn't know but that probaly isn't the best Idea, I would guess a few months for a deferal. Although I know praticaly nothing, its just my opinion, see a specialist and speak to your recruiter, thst your best bet.
It sounds like a hernia to me, i had the exact same thing but I had a hernia from little. I had it removed in 1999 and i was out of action for a good 2 weeks but was told not to do any sport of excercise for 6 weeks. Ive now got a nice 4 inch scare accross my pubes. Its an overnight stay in hospital. Beleive me though for the first 2 weeks your be to scared to stand up-right incase you stretch your stitches and they open. I would go down there now and get it over it, if you don't you could be back tracked once you start basic.
I had a torsion of testes, got hit by a cricket ball, several hours later my spuds were the size of a melon. Absolute agony. Had the op, sorted.

I now work in the operating theatre and see hernias all of the time and you have the signs and symptoms of an Inguinal Hernia.


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